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Nicco Park

Feel the adrenaline rush while riding the high-speed water rides and craziest roller coaster. With a range of slides, gigantic rollercoaster, dark caves revealing the deepest and darkest secrets and much more exhilarating rides; Nicco Park has become one of the biggest amusement parks in India.

If you love to take part in thrilling activities and want your kids to enjoy a mesmerizing water ride, Nicco Park is undeniably the ultimate destination for you. The 40 acres of amusement park entails over 30 attractive rides like carousels, boating, water rides and roller coasters. Even you can get a look at the entire park from ground with a toy train along with get an aerial view of the park from the cable car. The excellent use of the space and with ample of parking area, Nicco Park invites people from the corners looking for thrilling activities.

Attractions of Nicco Park

The amusement park is a destination for both kids and adults. The range of rides keeps you excited and creates the urge of going for more. With the many attractions of this park, Nicco Park is now one of the busiest areas in this metropolis.

This Park has categorized activities depending on the group of people. If you are with your family with kids and seniors, here are some of the easy yet amazing rides for your family.

Family Rides

  • Toy Train: With eight boggies running by diesel combined with the rhythmic music while roaming the entire park is a great experience in itself. Enjoy, click picture and make memories that can be cherished throughout.
  • Family Carousal: The different sized horses that gains speed with time are great to be experienced with your kids. So just hop on!
  • Cable Car: Climb up the hill and get the panoramic view of the entire park. Watching the park from height is a thrilling experience in itself.
  • River Cave: This is one of the well-known rides and the scariest one in the park. The ride starts when you enter the dark cave with dinosaurs, skeletons, forest fire, volcanoes and other bloodcurdling things that welcome you throughout.
  • Paddle Boat: Step into the Paddle boat with your dear ones and take a tour of the park. Paddle and set your direction to roam according to your wish.
  • Lazy River Ride: As the name goes, this 10minutes of lazy rides makes sure that you do nothing but just sit and relax.
  • Tea Party Ride: This is a crazy ride were you will be sitting inside a cup. Once the ride starts, it’s crazy! This is one unique ride that everyone craves to experience. Join the madness.
  • Vortex with Iceland: Get the magical feelings of dancing with others in the whirlpool. This has no age limitation, so just enjoy.

Kids Rides

  • Children’s Corner: For the safety of your kids, this children’s corner is designed with different things. You can keep a watch on your kids from here.
  • Water Merry Go Round: The colorful rotating wheels spins to keep your kid excited. This is designed for the tiniest people around the park.

Thrill Rides

  • Sky Driver Ride: This is a thrilling 80 feet colorful and high ride illuminated with range of colors. If you have the courage, you have to be seated. Just listen to your heart pump.
  • Bull Ride: Face the situation and stay in your position, if you have the control in you. Hold the horns and stay intact.
  • Water Coaster: This is the unique ride along with crazy thrilling. When you run down the steep slide in a rubber tube through the curved edges and get yourself wet is something you would want to go for again and again. The 75metres coaster offers 7seconds of adrenaline rush.
  • Twist & Turn: Do you dare to stand firmly while the wheels of the seat start twisting and turning? The twist and turn ride for 75 seconds offers mind-boggling experience that will leave your heart pumping.
  • Pirate Ship: Feel the churn in your stomach in the pirate ship ride with the pendulum move. The steep swing that runs high and low provides lifetime experience. Just tighten your seat belt and feel the rush.
  • Cyclone: The crazily scary roller coaster with 750m of track is the largest cyclone in India. Only the bravest of souls can stay calm while the coaster runs down steeply. Watch your hair rising higher and heart pumping louder.

With myriad of other rides available in the park solely meant to keep the trill intact, Nicco Park has become the ultimate destination for people. This amusement park is open 365 days and never fails to make you smile. You can always book your ticket which is Rs. 55/- per head after 10.30am and keep enjoying till 7.30pm

Some other packages include:

  • Rs. 185/- comprises of the main park attractions and 12 specific rides
  • Rs. 415/- comprises of unlimited rides in both water park and main park per head

With food court facilities available inside the park, visitors can keep both their stomach satisfied with mouth-watering preparations and mind delighted with the thrilling rides. This amusement park is the last destination for riders.

So just book your tickets and feel the rush in your veins while riding the craziest of ride.

How to Reach Nicco Park

By Rail: Kolkata is well connected with the rest of India by Howrah, Sealdah and Kolkata railway station. Nicco Park is about 11 km driving distance from Howrah Railway Station, about 7 km road distance from Sealdah and about 10 km away from Kolkata Railway Station.

By Road: Nicco Park is easily accessible from any part of Kolkata by bus or taxi or private cars. Any bus for Sector V or New Town via EM Bypass has a stop in Nicco Park. Some well-known bus service for Nicco Park is 215A, 71, 44/A, 239B, 215A/1, 201, AS3, DN46, DN47, 32A, S-12, W3, H2, S30, AC S30, etc. Ola and Uber are very common cab service in Kolkata for hire.

By Air: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport at Dumdum, Kolkata is the nearest airport to Nicco Park. It is about 14 km driving distance to the park.