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Bara Mangwa & Chota Mangwa

Getting a panoramic view of the nature’s magnificence is a blessing and something that enlightens the inner glory of our soul.

Bara Mangwa and Chota Mangwa – the two spectacular villages of Darjeeling receive a lot of tourists from the various corners of the nation. The breathtaking nature’s view available from here is hard to capture on the reels. Whether you talk about the ambiance or the hospitality of the locals or the view of nature, everything about this place compels visitors to spend a memorable part of their life on the hilltop.

Bara Mangwa: The beautiful location

A mountain slope located on top of the Darjeeling Hills along the west of the Kalimkpong Hills offers spectacular view of the convergence of the famous Rangeet and Teesta Rivers. Being located on hilltop and Kalimpong hills on its opposite side, Bara Mangwa has become a destination for nature lovers and photographers. This tiny village comprises of some of the terraced farms along with innumerable orange orchards. In the riping seasons, you can find assembly of Himalayan birds and which is worth capture in the reels.

The heavenly view of the systematically placed hills surrounded with blue sky from Bara Mangwa makes it a place where heaven exists.

Chota Mangwa: The Breathtaking Place

The memorable view of Kanchenjunga and River Teesta from Chota Mangwa makes it a place for travelers and photographers. The giant hills seems to be painted one after another and the golden summit of Kanchenjunga with clouds on both the sides and sunrays gives it a golden color, the view never fails to mesmerize you. You can stay on the same place and watch the splendor of nature for hours.

Even the most skilled artists will fail to sketch such breathtaking scenery with Kanchenjunga on its backdrop.

Attractions of Chota and Bara Mangwa

Takling Village:
You can walk and take a stroll of the nearby attraction of Chota Mangwa. One of them is the Takling village. This is a known sightseeing for the visitors. Not only the natural beauty of this village is spectacular, but also you can find an old monastery in this place.

Walk Through The Orange Orchards:
The entire location is surrounded with dense forests and orange orchards. If you love green and the colors of nature, you can go for a nature walk and have a look at the mesmerizing orange orchards. You can pick the oranges that are on grounds but you are not allowed o pick them from the trees.

Takdah Tea Garden:
If you love tea garden and crave to see how the tea leaves are, this is a place for you. You can find rows of tea gardens and local women working. Strolling in the tea garden with mountains on your backdrop offers a spectacular view.

Lopchu Tea Garden:
This is another famous village located in close proximity to Chota Mangwa and 15km from Bara Mangwa, is very small and located at a walking distance. Not only orange orchards, but also you can find the manufacturing unit of orange juice.

This is a famous destination, which you can keep in your wish list while preparing for a tour to Bara Mangwa and Chota Mangwa. You can find the sunrise point located at a distance of 9kms from Bara Mangwa. Get up early in the morning and visit the sunrise point to have a look at the mesmerizing sunrise from the mountains. The glory is beyond words.

Rangeet and Teesta Confluence point:
Other than the picturesque view of the mountains, you can also get a view of the amazing convergence of the famous Rangeet and Teesta River. The breathtaking view is worth capture in the reels.

Other Nearby Attractions:
Apart from the above-mentioned spectacular nearby locations, you can also visit other amazing tourists’ destination hiring a car. You can visit Mongpoo located at a distance of 20kms, Kalimpong – 21 kms, Delo Hill Top – 33 kms, lolegaon – 68kms, Lava – 46kms, Pedong -35kms, Darjeeling – 40kms and Siliguri – 55kms from Bara Mangwa.

With loads of attractions and serenity surrounding you, both Bara Mangwa and Chota Mangwa can easily the expectations of the tourists. You can visit the place at any time of the year except on monsoons. The locations are always crowded with tourists yet it never fails to maintain its impeccable serenity and mesmerizing natural essence.

How To Reach The Location

You can avail any train running to NJP from your location. Once you have reached NJP, make sure you have a word with your hotel owner to send a cab who will take you to Bara Mangwa from NJP station. You need to cover a distance of 62kms through the NH10. On your way to your destination, you will cross several beautiful things like Sevoke, Teesta Bazaar and Teesta Bridge. Your climb will start from Teesta Bazaar and will reach you to Bara Mangwa, the Orange Garden Complex and the popular village of Serong. From here, after 1.5kms of diversion from the main road, will lead to Chota Mangwa. The distance between both the villages is of 25 minutes.

You can also avail flight and reach Bagdogra, which is the nearest airport. This will take you 2 hours and 30 minutes from Bagdogra to reach Bara Mangwa. The total distance you need to cover is 67 km through the national highway NH10.

Both the places have lots of things to do. If you are new to this place, let’s check out what this wonderful destination has stored in its pocket for you.

So, don’t wait further. Just book your tickets to spend some amazing time on the lap of nature and escape from the monotony of busy life.