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Daman and Diu Union Territory

Daman and Diu is one of seven Union Territory (UT) cover an area of 112 sq km placed by the mid-Western costal of Arabian Sea. The population of the Territory is about approximately 243000 according to the census report 2011 of India. Daman and Diu geographically is separated by Arabian Sea and it surrounded by the state of Gujarat.

daman sea beach

(A beautiful sea beach in Daman District)

The capital city of the Daman & Diu is Daman as well as the largest city of this Union Territory. Other important cities of the territory are Bhimpur, Dholar, Diu, Ghantwar, Gogla, Kotda, Marvor, Sarkharia and Sigsar. The territory is consists with 2 administrative District namely Daman district and Diu district.  Read more...

Climate of Daman and Diu

Usually the climate of Daman & Diu is pleasant throughout the year. There have some differences in weather between Daman and Diu district. The climate of Diu is more comfortable than Daman district.

Climate in Diu district: The annual average temperature of this region is 28°C and the winter season last for few days. The maximum temperature in summer is 38°C and the minimum temp 15°C in winter. Diu receives some rainfalls (approximately 64 cm) during the month from June to September.

Climate in Daman district: The climate of Daman district is moderate throughout the year due its proximity to the Arabian Sea. The maximum temperature in summer is about 42°C and the minimum temp 10°C in winter. Daman receives heavy rainfalls (approximately 168 cm) during the month from June to September.

Culture of Daman and Diu

Languages in Daman and Diu: Marathi, Gujarati Hindi and English are accepted as main spoken dialects in the territory. Among these English is accepted as primary official language. Two Portuguese-based Creole languages are also spoken by a less percentage older citizen of Daman and Diu.

Religions in Daman and Diu: The people the territory mainly follow the Hinduism. Some other important religions are Muslims and Christians. The tribal communities of the territory make a percentage about twelve of total population.

Festivals in Daman and Diu: Garba and Folk Dance Festival are most important festivals in Daman and Diu. Garba festival continues for 9 days. Some other important festivals are Nariyal Purnima, Christmas, Gangaji Fair, Holi, Diwali, mahashivratri and Id-ul-Fitr.