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If you are looking for a scenic spot nearby Kolkata, obviously there are a lot of options available for you. From the many location located at the outskirts, Gadiara is one of such locations that is mostly visited by the tourists. Don’t expect to find the urban culture as the rural aspects along with the smell of soil makes this place a great location for the weekend tours. It is located at the convergence of Hooghly and the Rupnarayan River.

The monotonous city life can become very tiring for everyone and hence requires rejuvenation and what can be more pleasurable than spending time where nature is at its best. This is another known picnic spots available in the Howrah district. This huge water body unites the cities Nurpur, Geonkhali, and Haldia. You will find the evening to be very soothing not only because of the natural air, but also the twinkling lights of the towns look magnificent from the other side of the bank. This is a place that becomes a great weekend spot where you can spend time just gazing at the other side and enjoying the nature on the banks of the rivers.

Things to do in Gadiara

Well, if you are planning to have a long list of adventure, then this is not the place for you. However, some things can be done. This is a place for the people who enjoys nature and can sit watching the beauty and serenity of nature.

  • Cuisines: One of the most common things to do in Gadiara is nothing but enjoying the mouth watering Bengali cuisines. You should always know that Bengali foods have their own types of flavors and in Gadiara again they have their own sorted out spices that add to the flavor. When you are visiting this location, you should definitely make sure to visit the nearby cuisines and taste the deliciousness of the place. The village culture seems so amazing along with their hospitality. For the foodies, you have some of the best dishes waiting for you.
  • Village Walks: This might not be considered as in activity, but it is again mostly done by the tourists. Since the roads are not made with cement but with mud with no traffics or high end buses to disrupt you, you can easily stroll the village on your own. Moreover since greenery is everywhere you see which is almost unavailable in cities, the place will rejuvenate your eyes and mind.
  • River Cruising: This is an activity opted by everyone visiting here. However, don’t expect to be high end cruise, but the boat riding here is something different, something which is natural. You can book a boat when the sun sets and go for a small tour to the nearby places. Moreover, if you have your partner with you, the place becomes even more mesmerizing for you.
  • Mornington Fort: In Gadiara, this is one of the most popular tourist sports. This is a historic site that will keep you busy with its history. This is the ancient fort which was made in the supremacy of Lord Clive. Most of the part of the fort remains sunken in river. If you love photography, then this can provide a new storyline to your photography skills.
  • Lighthouse: The lighthouse present here is again a major tourist attraction. Even when there is not much to see in the lighthouse, but will roaming around the village, make sure you take a walk and have a look at this lighthouse.


If you are willing to spend time in Gadiara, you will find several guest houses along with hotels. Here you can spend time with your families as you will be provided with the much requires amenities. Since most of the tourist hotels and guests houses stand just in front of this River which is again available close to bus stop. Hence you can easily get the hotels and enjoy.

Make sure you book the hotels before you visit the place.

Best time to visit

Most of the visitors are eager to know the ideal time to visit this place. The answer to the question is the place can be reached anytime of the year. However, if you don’t like sweat, then consider skipping summers as the village sun can be intolerable for some. You can visit during the rainy season, as the place looks even greener and beautiful during this time. The breathtaking natural view of the place becomes way beyond explanation during rainy season.

So, if you don’t have much time to go for a long tour but craving to go out and refresh your mind, then planning to spend some days on Gadiara. Being surrounded with green from every corner, you will feel rejuvenated< also because of the green, you can stay assured to get some of the best pictures of yourself along with the gang.

So plan your tour today and set out for Gadiara.