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Bakkhali Sea Beach

bakkhali sea beach
Bakkhali Sea Beach, West Bengal

Spending hours sitting on the beach during sunset has its own charm. The mesmerizing view of the Sun setting down, the sound of waves and the tranquil beach provides you with a glimpse of nature’s magnificence. Bakkhali located in the southern Bengal is one such scenic destination that has become an escape for thousands of metropolitans. This crescent-shaped virgin beach becomes a great place to enjoy scenic beauty without any disturbance. Being a beach, its sunset and sunrise are undeniably breathtaking to observe.

This is one of the most preferred destinations for people to spend their weekend. Whether family or couples, this destination offers tranquility to spend lone time with your family and quality time with your partner. You can visit this destination at any time you want as the many hotels available here ensure comfortable living.

With many nearby attractions, Bakkhali will never make you feel bored. Either you can avail a guide from the locals or you can yourself visit these few destinations located nearby it. Let us dive into the other jaw-dropping locations of this place.


This is the nearest location situated at a distance of 2 km along the north of Bakkhali. It is popular as the twin town of Bakkhali. This place got its name from the famous Andrew Fraser. There is a history associated with this name. The locals say that once Andrew Fraser visited here to transform the area into a resort, but he could not succeed as the frequent waves washed it out. He made this attempt in the 1900s and one can still get a glimpse at some of its office remains.

You can stroll the entire place and enjoy the serenity. This is again a virgin beach with not many visitors. Here you will also observe the Wind Energy Farm, which cannot be observed anywhere else these days. It is said to be able to generate 1MW which will soon get extended to 2MV.

Sagar Island

This huge calm, quiet, serene and lonely island measuring 300 sq. km, is another major attraction of the tourists. Sagar or Gangasagar is situated in the converge of River Hooghly. To have a look at this uninhabited island, tourists need to go 20 km back from Bakkhali to avail the ferry service. Once you cross Muriganga, you can seamlessly reach the Sagar Island. The infamous Gangasagar Mela which takes place on Makar Sankranti during January attracts an uncountable number of Hindu pilgrims to this Sagar Island where the Kapil Muni temple is situated. They visit this location to dip their body on the junction of Ganges and Bay of Bengal.

It is said that Ganga Sagar Fair is one of the biggest congregation of the entire mankind. After Kumbha Mela, Ganga Sagar is the second largest fair. It is said by the locals that in the year of 2008, more than 500, 000 pilgrims visited this place to take a dip in order to enlighten their mind and soul. You can visit this destination and have a look at this holy place.

Jambudeep Island

Jambudwip is an isolated island located in the Bay of Bengal. It is situated at a distance of 8km towards the southwest from Bakkhali. The entire island remains calm and quiet except during the fishing seasons which is from October to February.

Locals say that in the ancient times, fishermen from the different parts of Bangladesh like Noakhali and Chittagong used to visit this place for fishing. Fishermen coming here have some traditional fishing skills to catch fishes. It is a place for fishermen because this island is located nearby the fishing grounds, ample of drinking water, natural creek and much more. If you love fishing, this is definitely a place for you.

Henry’s Island

Even when it is a part of Bengal, its name sounds European. The reason is during the late 19th century, a European came here to survey the place, which later came to be known by his surname. You can climb the watchtower located here to find a panoramic landscape and then go for a long walk.

While strolling the location, you will come across mangrove jungle which is located on the other side. A small bamboo bridge will help you to cross and reach the destination. Moreover, this place includes some of the rare trees like palm, gora, sundari, hetal and much more.

How to Reach Bakkhali

By Road: Bakkhali has good communication from Kolkata. You need to cross Diamond Harbour and Kakdwip and reach Namkhana. From here, whether it’s your personal car or public transport, the vehicle needs to be cross the Hatania-Doania is a ferry, meant to transport huge vehicles. This ferry service is available from morning till night 7 AM to 11 PM.

By Rail: Its nearest station is Namkhana railway. You can avail any train running to Namkhan from Sealdah via Kakdwip and Lakshmikantapur to Namkhana.

By Air: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport situated at Dum Dum is the nearest airport. From here, either you can avail a private car or train to reach Bakkhali.

With the number of scenic attractions present nearby the location, Bakkhali has become a destination for the people seeking for a weekend destination. Whether you talk about its serenity or its food or the hotels, Bakkhali has everything to help you enjoy your weekend.

So get your tickets booked and spend time in nature’s land.