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About the state Mizoram

Mizoram (Mizo+Gram=Mizoram, Mizo - a tribal community and Gram means village), "provine of Mizo tribe", is the twenty-4th largest state of India with an area of 21081 Sq Km which placed in the North-West part of India. According to the census of India 2011, approximately 1091014 people reside here. The state share an international border to the west, east and south with its neighboring country Burma and its neighboring states are Tripura to the North-West, Manipur to the North-East and Assam to the North.

aizwal, the capital city of mizoram

(Aizawl city, the Capital of Mizoram)

The capital city of Mizoram is Aizawl, as well as the largest city of the state and the other major cities of the state are Lawngtlai, Lunglei and Champhati. The state is build up with eight administrative districts, namely Mamit, Kolasib, Aizawl, Champhai, Serchhip, Lunglei, awngtlai and Saiha.Read more...

Climate of Mizoram

The climate of Mizoram usually is monsoon and humid type. Its temperatures varies from region to region with it elevation changes. Over all temperature of the state is quite pleasant and rainy throughout the year.

Weather in summer
Normally the summer season of Mizoram is continued from End of March to June. The temperatures varies during this season from 20°C to 30 °C.

Weather in winter
Normally the winter season of Mijoram is continued from mid of November to February and the average temperature during this season varies between 10°C to 22°C in Garo hill.

Weather in monsoon
Normally the monsoon season of Mizoram is continued for a long term. It starts from June and continue to October. Rain and cloud is very common to this state and it receives more or less rainfalls not only in monsoon but also the other season of the state. The average annual rainfall of the state is approximately 250 cm.

People Language and Religions

The people of Mizoram mainly belong to Christian religion (near about 90.49% of total population. Some other religions of the state are Hinduism (3.61%), Buddhist (8.30%) and Muslim (1.10%).

These community groups mainly use Mizo as their spoken languages. English is accepted as official language and educational medium.

Major festivals of the state Mizoram are Chapchar Kut (in March), Mim Kut, Pawl Kut (in winter), Thalfavang Kut (in November) and Christmas (24th to 26th December).