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Bakreswar Shakti Peeth, Dam and Hot Springs

Bakreshwar – a known pilgrimage destination is also known as a tourist place situated in Birbhum District of West Bengal. This religious destination is known for being a place with one of 51 Sakthi Peeth in India. Other than being a religious destination, this place also houses numerous hot springs along with the ancient temples which are the major source of attraction for the tourists. Being one of the Shakti Peeth, it place holds a huge value in the Hindu culture.

This is one of the most visited destinations in West Bengal located at a distance of 230km from the main town Kolkata. Having some of the unique things attracts the visitors from the different parts of India. Moreover, due to well communication with the roads, this is an accessible destination and therefore remains mostly crowded with tourists throughout the year. Well, if you are thinking what else can be done in this place, then let us have a look at it.

Things to See in Bakreshwar

Thermal Power Station:
This is one of the main tourist spots in Bakreshwar town that attracts tourists from corners of the nation. Generally people visit here to check the religious spots of this area, and the thermal power station that comes in between becomes a point where you can take your time and spend time.

Hot Springs:
This place has almost eight hot springs constituting of different temperature. This is what makes people amaze coming there. The place remains filled with the devotees who visit here throughout the years from the different parts of India. The names of these eight hot springs are Soubhagya Kunda, Agni Kunda, Kheer Kunda, Vairav Kunda, Brahma Kunda, Kheer Kunda, Amrita Kunda, Surya Kunda and Jibat Kunda. Each and every hot spring has something different to check and the hottest among these eight is the Agni Kunda. This hot spring is rich in various minerals like calcium, silicates, sodium that have great healing properties. Another hot spring from these is the Amrita Kunda where it is believed that women who want long life for their child needs to take bath in the Amrita Kunda.

Temple Town:
As mentioned above, being one of the known Shakti Pithas, the town is known for the many temples. As per the Hindu Mythology, Sati’s eyebrows feel on this place and which is how this spot become a pilgrim destination. This temple is known in the entire West Bengal reputed for the Oria styled architecture. Vakranath and Mahishmardini temple are the other temples that are situated in the same complex. When you enter the place, you will be greeted with the amazing ancient paintings of goddesses which are preserved by the people and are the major attractions of visitors. Hindu followers are found in bunch there because of the holy importance. The entire temple is built keeping a Shrine of Lord Shiva in the center. Its scenic beauty makes it a known tourist spot in West Bengal.

Other Nearby Temples:
Other than this, there is also a Terracotta Trayodash Ratna temple and the Shiva temple that are mostly visited by the tourists. These again have a lot of significance in the Hindu culture and known as a tourist spot in Bakreshwar. Every year, you will find a huge fair being held on the day of Shiv ratri where thousands of tourists gather together. Other than this one, Mughal Kuthi at the Mahanto Para has major significance and travelers can also find various nearby hills.

How To Reach

  • By Rail: Bolpur is the nearest railway station where train services are readily available from the Howrah station. Sealdah station in Kolkata can also help you reach Bakreshwar. You can also get the Shantiniketan Express available from the Howrah to reach the Bolpur Rail station. Trains going to New Jalpaiguri from the Howrah station also take a halt in the Bolpur railway station. Once you reach Bolpur, you can get the local trekkers and buses to arrive at Bakreshwar.
  • By Bus: You can also reach the Bakreshwar tourist spot from Kolkata by road. You can always find the CSTC buses that go daily from the Esplanade and can reach you directly to Bakreshwar.

Best Time to Visit

Well, the entire year invites tourists from different parts of the nation, but if you are looking for an ideal season of the year, you can always opt for the winter, spring, and monsoon seasons. However, devotees are going to this every time of the year irrespective of the seasonal type.

So if you are thinking to visit a religious place, Bakreshwar is definitely a great place to visit. Not only the transport facilities are readily available but also you can find budget friendly accommodation where you can stay with your family.

So book your tickets today and check this pilgrim destination in Bakreshwar.