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Baranti Eco-Tourism

Often leading a monotonous life leads to frustration and hence we mostly try to take a leave from everything to lead a great life. If you stay in West Bengal and willing to spend a great weekend away from the busy life, Baranti in the Purulia district can be a great choice to spend your Saturdays and Sundays in the best way.

This is a beautiful place bordered with hills and lakes. This wonderful town is located at a distance of 225km towards the Northeastern part of Kolkata. The entire village is a stunning gateway from the hustling city life. You can enjoy the simple blue skies along with the serenity in the green forests.

If you are looking for a place where you can just with do nothing, Baranti is definitely a destination for you. You will not find many activated to do in this place, but you can definitely soak in the serenity. However, you can also go for a trek to the Biharinath Hill just to fulfill your thrill for adventure.

This is one of those amazing destination with Panchkot Hill on one of its side while Biharinath Hill on its other side. Not only the regular visitors like foxes, rabbits, deer, porcupines, wild boars and wolves in the forests, this is a place that is mostly visited by a large number of resident and migratory birds. It is certainly a destination for the solace seeker away from the chaos of the city.

Things to check in Baranti:

The place has nothing out of the box in its bucket except a very few. You will find the meandering roads of the village which leads to forest nearby. The place is home some of the biggest collection of Mahua and teak. Baranti is one of those places that will definitely take your stress off after an entire stressful week.

You can also take a nature’s walk across the Muranti Lake. Other than this, walking along the Lake or across the forests will help you to have a look at the amazing aspect of nature. The lake and the hills of this place will certainly take your breath away.

Especially you can find the fantastic sunset of the place over the lake and hills. Nature is at its best in this place.

Attractions of Baranti:

One of the most famous places that you can choose to visit is the Garpanchokot. This is only 12 kms away from the place. Other than this the Panchet Dam is only 22 kms from Borati is again a place to wonder. If you want to check the hills, Joychandi hills is again a great destination which is located only at a distance of 21 kms away. This is the place where the infamous “Hirok Rajar Deshey” by Satyajit Ray was shot. Other than these, consider having a look at the Maithon Dam which is 39 kms from Baranti, Susunia Hills at only 42 kms away and the Kalyaneshwari Mandir at 40 kms away.

During the winters, you can take a look at the forest as the entire place is filled with the Palash flowers. Since the place is filled with blooming Palash flowers, it creates a wonderful space for enjoying the nature.

Things to do:

Well, even when the place has not much in its bucket, but then again you can take time for exploring the appeal of the forest. Especially the winters are worth visiting to find the magnificent blooming Palash flowers.

You can go with your family and spend tome just chatting with your closed person sitting beside the lake.

To enjoy the adrenalin rush in your rush, you can try trekking the hills and through the dense forests. This trek generally leads to the Biharinath Hills which is only a trek for 9kms. You will also do a lot of other things like taking a small walk through the village, angling, take a look at the tribal settlements and set campfire on the moonlight evening.

How to reach:

You need to reach the Muradi Station through Asansol. Once you reach, ask for a trekker or a rickshaw to reach Baranti which is only 6kms away. If you are travelling via car, you can take the Asaonsol road and then drive towards Ramchandrapur. It has a distance of almost 15 kilometers. Then, you require driving through the village road which will lead to Baranti.

Best time to visit Baranti:

Even when the place is great throughout the year, then again to help you enjoy the best of nature, it is mostly recommended to visit the place during the rains. This part of the year will help you find some of the migratory birds and in February, Palash flowers blooming across are something worth watching. Do not forget to take your camera as you can get some of the cinematic backdrop in this place.

Even when Baranti does not have many places to visit, but if you are looking for a serene destination that will keep you busy with its beauty and tranquility, this is certainly a great choice for you.

Get your tickets booked and spend time amidst the serenity of nature.