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Frasergunj Sea Beach

If the monotonous city life has become a reason for making your life feel sad and dull, you have to look for a fantastic tourist spot that can rejuvenate you. There are a lot of options available for you but how about spending time beside the beach, as has its own happiness. One of such weekend destination can be Frasergunj which is located just 2km from Bakkhali. It is considered as the twin town of Bakkhali. The extremely serene environment and the beauty of the nature mingles together to make you feel refreshing.

This place has been named Frasergunj from Andrew Fraser. Undoubtedly this again has a short history which we will discuss but before that you should be aware that this place can be one of the best romantic places for you and your partner. Spending times sitting beside the beach and talking for long hours watching the setting sky is truly blissful. Even if you come back to your home, you will not be able to come out of the trance - The trance of the beauty of Frasergunj.

History of Frasergunj

As mentioned earlier the place was named after Andrew Fraser. He visited this place in the early 1900’s and decided to make his own resort in this place. However, his constant try was not appreciated by the nature and he was unable to give his imagination a reality as the waves constantly washed out the construction. But the ruins or remains of his office can still be seen at this place.

Beauty of Frasergunj

The beauty lies in the quietness of the beach. Bakkhali, which is a popular site for the tourist is located just at a distance of 3km. you find the lonely place between Frasergunj and Bakkhali where you can find several fishing villages. You can find the natural beauty of the place along with the lifestyle of fishermen. You will find them mending their bets and boats and their children playing just beside them.

Apart from all of these, another major landmark of this beach is the sky-high wind mills. These towering windmills are the landmark that runs in a straight line setting. Slightly beside the beach of Frasergunj, you will come across several houses which are at the verge of getting collapsed. Locals here believe that those are the remnants of the fames bungalow by Fraser. However, still no concrete evidences have been seen that will truly justify their belief.

This is the place where you can find the several fishing activities taken by the fishermen of this place. If you have never seen a fishing harbour, then you definitely need to take a look at this huge fishing harbour. You can choose to walk or a short cycle ride to have a look at the harbour. Several fishing boats can be seen at this place of several size and shape and colors that are lined across the harbour. The major activity that you get to see here is the activity of the fishermen which mainly include unloading the fishes and then packed with a huge chunk of ice. The known brand Benfish also has a auction centre at this location.

The lifestyles of the fishermen are worth watching. Not only these boats are meant to earn for their lifestyle but also this is their home. They eat, sleep, and spend their life on this boat. Every morning when they get up, you will be surprised to find that the first thing they do is to worship their boats, as this is the only mean of earning for them.

This is also a lunch pad where you can set out for several trips. One of the most popular is the uninhabited Jumbu Dip trip. This can be a great inclusion in your tour. This tiny island which can be reached with a rough and short boat ride is very thrilling. Jumbu Dip has actually nothing or no permanent settlement but it has a few temporary fishing huts. This can be a great place if you want to stay isolated and spend time on knee deep water.

When to Visit

The magnificence of this place invites tourists throughout the year. With great accommodation, you will make yourself comfortable at any time of the year. However, if you want to spend most times sitting in the beach, you definitely need to visit from October to Feb. Since the summers have scorching sun, it can be tiresome for many. But if you are looking for romantic time, consider visiting during the rainy season which is from mid of June to July. The beach has its own beauty during rainy season and thereby making a memorable trip both for you and your partners.

So if you really want to spend some peaceful time amidst the beauty of nature then consider visiting Frasergunj today. The peace and serenity of this location will definitely sooth your mind and rejuvenate your soul.

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