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Furfura Sharif

Weekend destinations are some of the most memorable trips. One of those is Furfura Sharif which is also popular as Phurphura, Furfura, Furfura Darbar Sharif is a known village Srerampore, Hooghly District. This is located in the Jangiapara Development Block and is considered as a sacred place for Muslims. The history behind this construction invites people to this place.

History of Furfura Sharif

The fascinating history is the prime attractions of the visitors. This masjid was constructed in 1375 by the famous Muqlish Khan. During Pir Mela, this becomes a popular site for the Muslim pilgrimage. Muslims residing in this region believes that the Ashrafs who are the descendants invaded Bengal during the 14th Century. The ruler of this place Bagdi King was defeated by Hazrat Karamuddin and Kabir Halibi. Even when both of them lost their lives in this battle, even today people from different religions visit their tombs. Mazaar Sharif which is the tomb of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique along with his five sons is a crucial place among the Furfura Sharif. This is also known as “Panch Huzur Keblah”.

People from different parts of the world visit here to have a glimpse of the tomb and find the history of this place. In 1846 Hazrat Abu Bakr took birth in Furfura Sharif who was a religious and social reformer. This is the reason why he was known among people as “Mujaddid-e-Zaman”. During his rule, he did some of the exceptional social work like founded orphanages, charitable institutes along with many health centers. Moreover, he was an educationist who had the knowledge that only educated people can make the society free from the evils. This is the reason why he constructed and initiated schools, madrasas and learning centers.

Furfura Sharif’s Celebration

As mentioned above, this famous mosque was constructed by Muqlish Khan in the year 1375. The place invites thousands of visitors from the different parts of the world during Pir Mela. From 21st to 23rd day of Falgun as of Bengali calendar every year, the Islamic Sayoab festival takes place where thousands of visitors come here.

How to Reach Furfura Sharif

By Road: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Dumdum is the nearest airport. You can avail a car or bus to Howrah and reach the destination or you can simply avail bus service.

By Rail: Balarambati is the proximal railway station. This lies within the Howrah Burdwan Chord Line and eases to reach Furfura Sharif. You can avail any train from Howrah as a number of trains run every day from Howrah to Balaranbati. Once you reach Balarambati, you can avail the bus or car to reach this place.

By Air: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport situated at Dum Dum is the nearest airport. From here, either you can avail a private car or train to reach Bakkhali.

With its easy availability of the public transport system, you can now easily reach this destination. Moreover, the history of this destination will definitely create an urge of knowing more about the place. Just visit this place and have a look with your own eyes regarding its magnificence and history.