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Kalighat Kalipeeth

Kalighat Kali temple is a place for the devotees. The entire temple is devoted to Goddess Kali. Among the four Shakti Peethas, this is one of the sacred places present in India. The other three Peethas are Bimala, Kamakshya and Tara Devi. In the ancient time, Kalighat was the landing stage of the infamous Hooghly River. It is also said that the name Calcutta has come from Kalighat itself. With time, the river has moved away and now the temple sits on the banks of Adi Ganga that connects to Hooghly.

In the Hindu mythology, Goddess Kali is depicted as a fiery and most outrageous diety. She is considered as a figure of liberator as well as a destroyer. Thousand of devotees worship Goddess Kali in her fiery form and people come here from the corners of the world. This temple invites visitors to Kolkata and other regions to West Bengal. Kalighat is a popular sacred place for Hindu followers. Legends say that while self-sacrifice, various parts of Sati’s body fell on different parts of the Earth. It is said that a religious place is constructed on each and every place where are body parts fell off and ancient people say that her right toe fell here.

History of Kalighat

The present structure of kalighat is almost 200 years old. However, it is said that in 15th Century it was made by Mansar Bhasan and in 17th Century by Kavi Kankan Chandi. Originally, it was a tiny hut which was then transformed in a small temple by King Manasingha in 16th century. The structure available at present was constructed by Sabarba Roy Chowdhury family during 1809. The Archer kind coins of Chandragupta II become widely famous under the Gupta rulers post Kumaragupta I was found in Kalighat. This is the evidence of the remains of this place.

Legends Version

Kalighat temple is one of the famous peethas from the 51 shakti peethas in India. This is one where one of Satis body part fell off while Shiva’s Rudra Tandava. This is a place where the head fell but some people also believes that Sati’s right tor fell.

The idol of Kali present in the temple is different from others. This is not similar to other patterns present in Bengal. The present idol available in the temple was constructed by Brahmananda Giri and Atmaram Brahmachari. The three large eyes and protruding tongue is made of gold along with the four hands. The two hands of the idol is holding a sword which denotes Divine knowledge other hand has Human head which denotes Ego. If observed properly, the idol says to slay ego by knowledge in order to get Moksha. Other two hands are present in varada and abhaya mudra which resembles blessings.

Architecture of Kalighat

Kalighat mandir is a great example of Bengali architecture that is made with thatch-roofed hurs and mud. The main temple has a four sided building along with truncated dome. Another small but identically shaped projection cover the domed structure. The sloping roof is known as chala. This is the reason why this mandir is famous as Chala temple. These two roofs have a total of eight different faces. Since Bengal is popular for hut-like design which resembles the heart of this place can be exactly observed in this temple.

People from the corners of the nation and world visit the temple to offer prayer and get blessings from the divine power. Legends say that when prayed from true soul, your prayer is heard by the almighty and which is why this temple receives thousands of visitor every single day irrespective of the season or day of a year.

So if you are a devotee of Goddess Kali, visit this temple and feel the divine power of this temple.

How to Reach Kalighat

By Rail: Kolkata is well connected with the rest of India by Sealdah, Howrah and Kolkata Railway Station. Regular express and superfast train arrive at Kolkata from all corner of India. There have no any direct train from Sealdah or Howrah, but frequent road journey is available to reach Kalighat Temple.

By Metro: Kolkata Metro runs between Noapara and Kavi Subhash (New Garia), which is passes by Kalighat Temple. The Nearest Metro Station from Kalighat temple is Kalighat and Jatin Das Park. Both stations are about 7-10 minutes walking distance from the Kalighat temple. On the other hand, Central and Chandni Chowk are nearby metro station from Howrah and Sealdah. And Dumdum is the nearby metro to the Airport.

By Road: You can reach at Kalighat temple from any part of Kolkata by Bus or Taxi.

By Air: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport of Kolkata is nearest Airport to Kalighat. All major cities in India and abroad have regular flights to this Airport. You can take a taxi from the airport to reach Kalighat temple.