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Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a state of North India. It is placed in the middle parts of great Himalayas with altitude ranging from about 1148 ft to 22966 ft above the mean sea level. The capital town of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, is the only place in India where you will found natural ice skating rink.

Himachal means "a range of area or land covered by snow" (Him - snow and Achal - land or area). Hinduism (above 95%) is the main religion of the state. Hindu culture and tradition increased here from the ancient history. The ancient Hindu people of India believed that the Himachal Pradesh is the residential place for Hindu God and Goddess.

Trekking camp in Himachal Prades

(Trekking camp in Himachal Pradesh)

Culture of Himachal Pradesh

The people Himachal Pradesh have created a unique culture and tradition due to its complex and complicated land distribution throughout the whole state. Usually, the people of Himachal Pradesh speak in Hindi language but some other regional languages are also used as their local communication. Other regional languages are Pahari, Kinnauri, Mandialli Kangri, Gojri and Dogri. More than 95% of total people of Himachal Pradesh are follows Hindu religion. There is a custom of Hindu culture and tradition. The Local people celebrate their festival with local music and dance which reflects the unique cultural individuality of the state. They worship to their gods with their local dance and music.

Nati is a famous dance form 0f Himachal Pradesh. Usually the tribes of the state celebrate their festivals with this dance form. They celebrate several festivals in their own tradition and culture. The festival Dusseehra at Kulu district is a big celebration of the state. Besides of Dussehra a number of festival and fair are celebrate there. Mahashivratri in Mandi district (in the month of February or March), Minjar Festival in Chamba district, Lavi Fair at Rampur, Renuka Fair (in the month of Aught to September), Lohri or Maghi, Lahual and Phulech-festival is a festival of flowers.

Temples of Himachal

As the state is mainly covered with the people of Hindu religions, so, you will find lots of temple here. Among them the Lakshmi Davi Temple at Manimahesh, Paonta Sahib Gurudwara, Jwalamukhi Temple, Jakhu Hanuman Temple at Shimla the capital town, Bhimkali temple at Sarahan, Bajreshwari Devi temple at Kangra district are famous.