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Diamond Harbour

Greenery and classic lifestyle together makes West Bengal. Bengal is blessed with range of locations where you can find greenery, high end urban culture, and amazing earthen feel in some parts as well. From the several options open for the tourists, Diamond harbor is one of those very few places located at 48km distance from the Kolkata towards its south.

The name Diamond Harbour was provided by British or can be said that it was renamed by the British as it was previously known as Hajipur. This is a known place in West Bengal as it is the point from where the distributaries of the Ganges can be observed. On the South of the Hooghly River it turns into Bay of Bengal which is again one of the known and amazing places. There is no doubt that the river portion is way much wider and deeper and hence it has become a comfortable dock for the huge ships.

Main Tourist Attraction

Diamond Harbour is a location from West Bengal situated within a close proximity to Kolkata thereby providing range of options for the tourists coming to the place. You can arrange a picnic and enjoy with your family. A day long trip to the beauty of Kolkata is one the most popular attractions among the tourists. Diamond Harbour also can manage to suffice your needs in other ways as well by spending the entire day on Hooghly from where you can go for river cruises as well.

Instead of just making trip to the several locations around the place, you should definitely make a point on your wishlist to stay on this destination and enjoy the scenic beauty of this place. Apart from the nature’s beauty, you can also find remains of the Portuguese fort at this place. This is undeniably an appealing gateway for the family and friends. Just by staying on the place, you can explore old lighthouse and the ruined fort of the place. Each and every remains on this place has its own story to tell. If you are an historian, the remains will tell the story of the Portuguese pirates and their hold on this land.

Things to See Around Diamond Harbour

  • Just a few kilometers away from this place, you will be welcomes to another serene and breathtaking location named Bakkhali. If you are willing to visit this destination, then you have to stay one day and enjoy the calm and serenity of the place. There are several lodging options as per your budget from luxury class to normal.
  • Apart from this, Joynagar is another just a few kilometers away that you should never miss. This destination will show some of the best collection of Kalidas Dutta. On visiting this place, you will be finding many terracotta figurines, the appealing image of Buddha, Vishnu, and Mahavir using Black Stones and the manuscripts. Each of these things belongs from the 11th and 12th century which makes it worth checking.
  • People who are more into the religious side can take a look at Ramakrishna Mission Ashram which is a spot usually filled with pilgrims and tourists. You definitely will find peace in this location.
  • Kapil Muni Temple at the Sagar Island available close to Diamond Harbour is another religious place that you should never miss visiting. This temple is also popular for the mythological descent in Ganges. The locals believe that the place has descended from paradise into the sea.
  • Just a few kilometers away, Kolkata is another destination that you definitely need to checkout. You can spend some of the amazing places in Kolkata where you can spend the entire day strolling and having a look at its magnificent history which includes Victoria Garden – A place of beauty and history, Princep Ghat- River Bank beside the Ganges filled with serenity, Birla Planetarium, Indian Museum and so much more.

Best time to reach this place

Being located at just 50 km away from main Kolkata, this wonderful destination is located along the east of Hooghly. You will be able to see the confluence of Bay of Bengal and River Hooghly in this location. To be very real, this place welcomes tourists throughout the year but to know the best time, October to March is probably the right time. On this time of the year, you can relish the magnificence of this place. The weather is absolutely charming and river as its companion makes the place look utmost beautiful.

Moreover, since this time of the year you will witness some of the major festivals like Diwali, Laxmi Puja, and the infamous Durga Puja, you will witness the festive color of Bengal. As mentioned that you can visit anytime of the year, you need to know that the summers are pretty humid and suffocating so, winters and autumn is the best time to visit the location.

Bottom Line: If you want to spend time near the beauty of waters along with other nearby attraction, Diamond Harbour is definitely a place to visit. It is surrounded with attractions amongst all the sides and hence makes your tour a memorable one.