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Belur Math

If you are looking for a tranquil location to spend your time, Belur math is an ideal destination for you. This amazing destination was founded by the famous personality Swami Vivekananda. The entire Math runs with the core principle of Ramakrishna Paramhansa and is also the headquarters of Ramakrishna Mission and Math.

Belur Math is located in West Bengal on the bank of Hooghly River. This is a famous pilgrimage place for people coming from the corners of the world from various religious faiths. Not only the religious people, but people come here without any intention, just to spend a peaceful time. Not only you will find the crowd of Indians, but also you will find foreigners visit here to get a glimpse of this serene location.

Belur Math gained its importance after the stay of Swami Vivekananda along with various other disciples of Ramakrishna Paramhansa who spend many years of their life here. Even Mother Sarada Devi used to visit this place on different occasions. With the many temples present here, Belur Math has become a destination for thousands of people.

This place is renowned for its religious significance and which is why you will find people visiting this math throughout the year. The main entrance will lead you to Ramkrishna Sarada Mandir. In 1902, 4th July, Swami took his last breath here. Even his memorial is present inside the math. All your personal belongi9ngs are still kept properly in his room and has become a place where people visit to get a glimpse of his commodities. Not only this math is known for the religious site, but also it encourages education and hence you will find an industrial school, Art College along with charitable dispensary.

Things To See In Belur Math

The Samadhi Enclosure:
This is the place where the sixteen monastic disciples of Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa were cemented. Each and every remain have a marble plaque where the names of the person are engraved. You can just stand and spot the name of the disciples from a distant.

The Shrine:
This is one of the prime attractions of this place which invites visitors from across the globe. This generally stays crowded by the disciples and yogis coming from several locations. This is not just a place for locals, but also a major tourist attraction. The statue of Ramakrishna present in the prayer hall makes it look remarkable. This shrine is a resemblance of the mosque, temple, and church that can be seen from various angles. This place does not believe in religious differences, it just believes in peace.

Swami Brahmananda Temple:
This is another temple place within the Belur math is entirely devoted to Swami Brahmananda. He was the direct disciple along with the first president of Ramakrishna Mission. This temple is built just near to the Holy Mother’s temple. Getting inside this temple to find more about it will let you know in details about him.

Swami Vivekananda Temple:
This is one of the major attractions of this place. This temple is constructed on the particular spot where Swamiji’s remains were cemented. This construction was made in 1902. Its upper storey consists of the alabaster Om which is in Bengali characters. Just beside this temple, you will observe a bel or bilva tree where Swami Vivekananda used to str. His body was cemented just the way he wished.

On 1902, he educated the Vedanta philosophy and then went for a walk with the brother disciple Swami Premananda and gave him some advice regarding the Ramakrishna Math’s future. During the evening, just after the prayer, he left his body. He fulfilled his prophecy of not living forty years old as he died at 39.

The Old Shrine:
This is located on the north-eastern side of Ramakrishna temple. This is the place where daily worship used to take place previously. Upon consecration of the new temple since 1899, this was the actual place. On visiting this shrine, you will be able to get closer to the memories of the direct disciples of Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda. They used to visit this place to sing, worship and meditate.

Swami Vivekananda’s Room:
On the south-eastern portion of the old shrine lies the room of Swami Vivekananda. This is where this great personality used to spend his life. The materials available in this room were mostly used by him during different times and at different places. On visiting the room you can have a glance to a part of his life.

The Rama Krishna Museum:
This is a museum which is an accumulation of different objects that were used by Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda, and Sri Ramakrishna. It is the destination for the history lovers. When you will visit the museum, you will come across several artifacts and articles that were closely associated with the lives of famous personalities.

Sri Ramakrishna Temple:
This temple in Belur Math was constructed to celebrate the huge diversity of Indian religions. From the different position or angles, this temple resembles in different forms like church, mosque, and temple. Its architectural style is the symbol of a universal faith.

With so many astonishing things to find, Belur Math has become a destination for people from all religion. This is a place where some of the finest and world-wide known personalities spent their life. Moreover, its unique construction that cuts all the religious barriers makes it a unique destination.

The entire math is designed with some of the greatest architectural facts along with the greenery of this place reserves its tranquillity. Upon entering the gate of this place, you can have a glimpse of the life of the personalities and spend serene time.

How to Reach Belur Math

Belur Math Address:

Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission
P.O.- Belur Math, DIst.- Howrah, West Bengal 711202 (India)
Phones : +91-33-2654-5700 / 8464 / 9581 / 9681
FAX : +91-33-2654-4346

By Road: Belur is about 50 minutes’ driving distance from Kolkata. You can easily manage cabs from anywhere in Kolkata after hiring a cab. Or if you wish to visit Belur Math by Bus, the best routes from different parts of Kolkata are,

  1. Route1: Howrah Station-Belur Math-Bally: Bus No. 51, 54, 56 and mini-bus
  2. Route2: Garia-EM Bypass-Science City-Airport-Dakshineswar-Bally-Belur Math: AC-50
  3. Route3: Esplanade-Howrah Station-Belur Math: Mini Buses

By Rail: Rail is another best journey to Belur Math from Howrah Station. Catch a local train (EMU) from Howrah station, which has a stoppage at Belur Math station. Bardhaman-Howrah local trains (EMU) pass by this station. Some local train also runs between Arambagh Station and Belur Station too.

By Boat: If you are at Dakshineswar, then catch a share motorboat to reach Belur Math. It is a magnificent journey through the Ganga River.

By Air: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport of Kolkata is the nearest airport at Dumdum and then follow road or rail journey.