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Ayodhya Pahar

Residents of West Bengal look for places with beauty but missing on their own that they have cultivated from years. Yes! You are reading it right as West Bengal still has some of the amazing places that call tourists from different parts of the nation. One of the mostly known among them is the Ayodhya Hills. You might call it as Ajodhya Hills; it is one of the known tourist spot in the West Bengal.

This beautiful highland is located in the Purulia district along with the adjoining Dalma Hills from Jharkhand. The entire mountain range has a circumference of more than twenty-two kilometers along with is definitely from the largest ranges in this country. Do not confuse with the Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh, as these are completely different from those.

People from different parts of the nation visits this part of the city irrespective of the time of the year. The place has its own charm and serenity on top makes it an intriguing place to visit. The entire location is known for its unmatched scenic beauty and the alluring environment. Someone who has already been in this place for once is aware of the delicacy and charm.

Apart from other attractive features, the wild animals existing in this region makes it even more adventurous place to discover. If you are visiting this place, the locals of this place will organize different adventurous activities to keep the charm and adventure alive.

More about Ayodhya Hills

This is situated at a distance of 250 km from the main city Kolkata and the distance between Ayodhya Hills and Jamshedpur of Jharkhand is about 81 km. It has a charming history as well which says that Lord Rama and Sita once stayed in this hill at some stage in their exile. You can get to know more about its history from the locals in a fascinating way.

Trekking trails are conducted in the dense forests along with around the lakes. People who love nature and waits to check the natural beauty, witnessing the wild life and birds can suffice the nature-lover in you. Moreover the tribal culture and setting is an added advantage.

Things to do in Ayodhya Hills

Gorshabru is the highest peak of Ayodhya located at the center of this city. This is definitely a great place to visit especially for the people who love adventurous. If you are craving to seek adventures, this is an ideal destination for you as Gorshabru is located at a height of almost 30,000 feet. This is the reason why the place attracts several numbers of mountain climbers from different parts of the nation and world to visit the city and take the challenge to unleash the beauty of this place.

This place is also having several dense forests that are running in a way like it is lining the city. The forests in such an area add to the beauty of the place along with has become one of the most intriguing factor that attracts tourists to this region. If you desire go for a trail to this region, you will be surprising to find the amazing waterfalls amidst the hills which again run across the city.

Lastly, the amazing villagers of this place are another intriguing reason to visit. Their polite and humble nature will make you fall in love with them. The type of hospitality you receive from them adds to the beauty of this place and makes it a great place to visit.

People who are visiting there just for the purpose of enjoying scenic beauty of this place, these hills together make an amazing trip. Reaching the mountain range gives an amazing view of these hills. Once you reach the place, the view of this place covered with greenery endows with beautiful scenic beauty which looks more than a picture.

It is completely up to the visitor – if you are someone who loves adventures, go for Gorshabru hills or someone who wants to spend time away from the city, just visit the place, and enjoy the beauty and serenity. This is the real escape from the hustle and bustle of this city.

Best Time to Visit

Well, mostly the place stays full with the tourists but then again the best time is between September to March. The chilly weather and clear skies make the place looks green and picturesque. Monsoon is actually another great time, as the lush greenery surrounded with dark clouds resembles more like the pictures that you draw in an open canvas.

So, if you cannot wait to go for a trip nearby West Bengal, you have Ayodhya Pahar in Purulia waiting for your visit. The fantastic location lined with green dense forests and large hills makes your trip a memorable one. Well, one last tip, don’t forget to take your camera with you, as it is also a photographers paradise.

Best of luck for your journey to the Ayodhya Pahar.