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Best Places to Visit in Bangalore

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Bangalore, the 'Silicon City of India'. This city is home to the Kannada film industry, educational & research institutions, and numerous state-owned aerospace and defense organizations. Apart from this, Bangalore is famous because of the IT hubs, pleasant climate, job offers, career growth, etc. This is also a place for party lovers and adventure freaks; there are a lot of trekking places nearby. more

Plan your Luxury India Tour with Leisure India Holidays

Akshardham Temple in New Delhi

One of the best ways to take out the holy site of yours is going to a place that rejuvenates your body and soul to the fullest and makes you feel every second of your life is so precious. Some people are not fond of the tour to the big cities and places as they want to get rid of the hassle and rush of cities during their holiday. Beautiful landscapes, a peaceful environment, and beautiful pilgrim sites take away all the visitors' worries in seconds. North India is that part of the country that offers the best destination for a peaceful Luxury India tour than any other region. more

Top 10 Adventure Destinations In India

Are you bored of the monotonous schedule? Well, the hectic city life often tends to make us grow old and fed up very easily. In such circumstances when your life becomes boring and you are craving to rejuvenate your inner-self to enjoy your life, planning a trip can be extremely very rewarding. But do you think just a normal trip is enough? Well no. To enjoy the fullest you need to go into the depth and get yourself drenched into adrenaline rush. more

Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations In North India

Honeymoon! Well, this is one of those trips that we have been dreaming even before we actually have met our loved one. Spending time with your loved one for 24 hours has its own set of adventure. Filled with romance, the path to understand each other in a better way and the beauty of watching each other with no one to come in between, honeymoon is one of the most memorable trips in our life. more

Best Travel Apps Around the World 2019

Nowadays a smartphone makes your travel easier, faster, cheaper, and more comfortable. According to a recent survey, more than 50% of travelers booked their hotels, flights or trains by using any mobile apps. Even they search and plan their tour itinerary after using different apps. A wide range of travel-related android and iOS apps are available in Google Play or Apple Marketplace. Unfortunately, most of them are terrible, misleading, difficult to plan a perfect trip and worthless to use. So, it is very hard to choose a perfect, suitable and user-friendly mobile app for your smartphone. more

A Brief Guide on Risk of Air Pollution in Bangladesh

Urbanization has lead to making our lives easier but on the contrary, it has several bad impacts on the environment. When most of the world is struggling against air pollution, Bangladesh also falls in the same list. This nation has witnessed uncountable deaths due to unmanageable air pollution. more

Take Part in the Festivals of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a nation of celebrations and festivals. With so many religions living in one nation, festivals are very popular among different cultures and societies. With continuous change of economic and social structures, changes in festivals can be witnessed. But some of the festivals that take place in this nation are so deeply rooted with the social culture that they keep continuing from one generation to another. Some of these festivals also come with the mark nationality and community; some come with political impression while some other comes with religious stamp. Festivals that initiated during the ancient society focusing on food are now filled with varieties and colours. more

Complete Study on Forest Region in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of green and unending natural beauty. Undeniably, the land has some of the amazing historical structure but apart from that, it is also a place full of forests. It has been studied that a total of 2.53 million hectares of land which accounts of 17.5% of the total land in Bangladesh among which only 1.53 million hectares are taken care by the forest departments of Bangladesh. more

Bangladesh: A Nation with Several Infamous Rivers

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. There are several rivers in this land and if you are eager to know about it, then keep on reading. more

Check The Unique Landforms of Bangladesh

With a heavy population, Bangladesh has become a populated country which is expected to grow to 220 million by the end of 2050. A large part of this nation acreage is low-lying and flat which means is severely prone to cyclones and flooding that generally arrives from the Bay of Bengal. The landforms of this nation when subdued comprises as one of the biggest mangrove forests in the world. more

A Brief Knowledge on the Climatic Condition of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a different climate in different parts. Towards the central north, it has a subtropical climate and towards the south, it has a tropical temperature. From the month of November to February, the weather is truly pleasant with sunny winter and pleasantly warm, and between the months of Match and May, you will find hot spring in this nation. From the months of June to October, the nation enjoys the rainy season. With flatlands and mostly occupied by the great Ganges – Brahmaputra Delta, the nation has an immense chance of floods and strong surges if cyclones start hitting the Bay of Bengal. more

The Deep Rooted Arts & Culture of Bangladesh

The way of living life together makes up the rich culture of Bangladesh. The diverse culture of this nation has evolved with passing time with the influence of the various social groups. The primary religion of this nation is Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism and these have always played a gigantic role in the nation’s culture. more

Brief Know on the Language & Dialect of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the independent nations that is home to several culture and therefore different languages. As the name goes, Bangladesh mostly speaks Bangla or Bengali. This is the national language of this nation along with the official language of this country. Apart from Bengali, this nation is also home to various languages which are used by the indigenous groups settled here. English is the co-official language of this nation. more

Brief Knowledge on the Religious Practices in Bangladesh

Bangladesh – the Parliamentary democratic country situated towards the Eastern region of Bengal has a long religious history. This nation became an independent nation and got partitioned from both Pakistan and India post-Indian subcontinent acquired independence from Great Britain. When it comes to the global population of Muslims in the world, this nation is just behind India, Pakistan, and Indonesia. Most of the Bangladeshis living are the Sunni Muslims and Hindus are the minority in this nation. more

The Fascinating History of Bangladesh

Bangladesh which is officially popular as “People’s Republic of Bangladesh” is located along Southern Asia. This independent nation treasures a long history which becomes fascinating for the history buffs. It creates a huge part of ethnolinguistic part of Bengal. Being situated at Bay of Bengal’s zenith and bordered by India and Myanmar, and partitioned with the thin Siliguri Corridor from Nepal and Bhutan, this self-made nation has a lot to show and treasure within it. more

Why People Love to Travel

You probably wondered why so many people nowadays decide to travel. Well, there are many reasons for that. All of them point out the fact that traveling is good, healthy, useful, and exciting. It’s like the best hobby you can have. Traveling nowadays became very accessible which made more people able to afford it. Modern times are also peaceful which makes more and more countries benefit from tourism. But most of all traveling is a great activity because it provides you with great experiences, makes you more intelligent, and teaches you how to value life a little bit more. Read the following article to know why traveling is important. more

Travel Safety Tips For The Holidays

India is a big country with different culture. So, it may differ with your daily lifestyle, to those where you want to travel. It's important to remember some things before you start your travel. Take a look before you leave for the train or flight. more

A History of the Chola Dynasty of India

The Chola dynasty was one of the longest-ruling powers in world history which were the Tamil dynasty in southern India. In the third century BCE, the Cholas rose into the power of Tamil territory. This is evident in the inscription of Ashoka the Great (Ashoka Major Rock Editict No. 1) of the third century BC which mentions three crown kings of Tamilakam such as the Cheras, Pandya, and Cholas. The Chola dynasty was able to maintain control over various regions of southern India until the thirteen century AD. The early Cholas have left their real evidence in the Sangam literature. It mentions all the kings and princes of the Chola dynasty since 300 BCE to the medieval Cholas. more