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West Bengal

West Bengal is a leading state in the eastern region of India and forth most populous state in the nation. West Bengal is rich with culture, heritage, natural wealth, agricultureand industry. It is the sixth largest contributor to Indian GDP. West Bengal shares its border with three neighboring countries, namely, Bangladesh to the East, Bhutan to the North-East and Nepal to the North-East. And all seven sister state in North-East region of India are connected with others parts of the nation through a narrow bottleneck gateway. So, West Bengal plays a highly sensitive and significant role in Indian politics and economy. It has five neighboring states,Assam to the North-East, Sikkim to the North, Bihar and Jharkhand to the West and Orissa to the South-West.

victoria memorial

(Victoria Memorial, Kolkata)

West Bengal is the only state in India which stretching from the great snow covered and majestic Himalayas in the North to the endless Bay of Bengal in South. West Bengal attracts people with its huge culture, heritage, and natural beauty. Where several forests like Sundarban, hills area like Darjeeling, sea beach like Digha, historical place like Gour, huge heritage city Kolkata (Calcutta) and festivals like Durga Puja are increased Bengal to famous all over the World.