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Bankura is a destination for the visitors who are looking for a fantasy world that has peace prevailing in each and every corner of it. This quaint town located amidst the chaos of West Bengal has become an escape for the city dwellers. This is a city of hills, culture, temples, and undoubtedly amazing village foods. Being located at a good distance from the concrete world, this is a place that hosts greenery and nature to provide peace in your mind.

If you are a resident of West Bengal and seeking for a short trip, Bankura can be your ultimate destination holding much of the magnificence in its natural world. Not only the natural glory is known among the people, but also its rich historical component serves as a known tourist destination. The abundance of nature’s beauty and amazing rivers, Bankura holds the key of excitement, hospitality, and joy.

So, if you are planning to visit this place but unable to find the spellbinding locations to set your trip, you have these suggestions that will never make your regret.

Tourist Destination in Bankura

If you are a nature lover and want to spend some time amidst nature, take out time from your busy schedule in a spring or autumn afternoon and feel the warmth and coziness of the dense forest Jhilimili. This is definitely on top of the list because of its extraordinary looks. It rejuvenates your mind with its pleasant nature.

On reaching the forest, you will be welcomed with a range of flora and fauna to keep you enchanted by the combination of color and vibrancy. In order to have a look at the entire place, you will be provided with a watchtower which lets you get an aerial view of the forest and its greenery. Plan a picnic with your family and find the relaxation in your senses among the trickling waters.

Gokul Chand Temple:
This is the fort temple which comprehensively serves the needs of historic exploration and spirituality, Gokul Chand Temple is one of the prime attractions in the Bankura location. This is one of the very few stone temples in the entire West Bengal. This grand temple that rises up to 64 feet height is an emblem of peace and piety. The high walls surrounding it are like a protective shield for the temple. Due to its magnificence, the temple attracts tourists throughout the tears and has become a destination for people looking for witnessing harmony and spirituality.

Biharinath Hill:
Popular among the tourists for the enchanting atmosphere, this hill is again the highest peak in Bankura district. Not only it is a place for families, but it is also a place for people who have just started with their trekking trail. The hill has numerous trekking spots and once was crucial for being the Jainism center. You can find a temple amidst the hill that retains the conventional Jain architecture. People who crave to capture a picture of such a usual destination can visit here and suffice the photography need within you.

Other than these, you can also get a panoramic view of the total place which otherwise is not possible on the low lying terrains. Some people visit this place for only trekking while others to capture some of the beautiful pictures in their reels. Other than these, if you are someone who keeps interested in finding the ancient architecture, then this is again a great location with extraordinary Jain architecture.

If you want to have a look at the terracotta temples, Bishnupur is an ideal destination for you. Rich in culture and art along with the music, the place is famous among all. Apart from music, the place hosts a range of artistic abilities. This place is known for its extraordinary paintings and handicrafts. The tin electrifying town offers an unusual cultural experience.

Even when you will not be able to comprehend whether it is a lake or a man-made dam, this second largest dam of India Mukutmonipur is a location comprising of serenity and tranquility. You can just visit the destination and enjoy the gushing waters of the dam. This dam was built in the convergence of two main rivers namely Kumari and Kangsabati. Mukutmonipur is an example of the extraordinary engineering of people. Sitting on the fascinating terrain, you can enjoy an amazing time just by gazing at the dam and enjoying its natural beauty. The calmness of this rover is the lullaby to the tranquility and calm when it comes to spending an amazing time with your family.

Bankura is definitely an amazing destination for people seeking for various types of activities. Whether you are looking for peace of mind or adrenaline rush, this adventure-filled place has the ability to suffice your varying requirements and put an end to the worries. Moreover, due to offering spiritual solace, this enchanting location can offer the feeling of contentment and fresh air to people.