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Pondicherry Union Territory

Puducherry, previously known as Pondicherry, is located to the south east part of India on the coast of Bay of Bengal. The territory is surrounded by the state of Tamil Nadu except Eastern side. Puducherry cover an area of 492 sq km and according to the census report 2011 of India 1244464 people reside here. This region was mainly inhabited by French communities from the post British period in India and today some culture of them still continued in the region.

pondicherry waterfall

(A beautiful Waterfall in Pondicherry)

This UT is divided into 4 administrative districts namely Puducherry, Karaikal, Yanam and Mahe District. Among them Pondichery is largest and most important district and it also the capital of Pondicherry Union Territory. These 4 districts individually share the area of 293 sq km by Puduchery, 160 sq km by Karaikal, nine sq km by Mahe and 30 sq km by Yanam district.  Read more...

Climate of Pondicherry

Usually the climate of Pondicherry is pleasant throughout the year. There is quite difference between the weather season of summer and winter. The weather season of the territory can be classified three major types namely summer, winter and monsoon.

Weather in summer
This season is continued from March to July and the temperature can reach up to 40°C. Average temperature during the season is approximately 32°C.

Weather in winter
This season is continued from December to February and the temperature can drop about 16°C. Average temperature during the season is approximately 20°C.

Weather in monsoon
This season is continued from mid-July to September and sometime monsoon might continue up to the month of October. Average annual rainfalls of Puducherry are approximately 126 cm.

Culture of Pondicherry

Language and Religions in Pondicherry
The people of Pondicherry mainly use Tamil language (more over 90% of total population) as their spoken dialect some other important languages of the territory are Malayalam, Telugu, French and English. Tamil is accepted as primary official language of Pondichery. The people of the territory mainly follow the Hinduism and a little percentage follow Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism.

Language and Religions in Pondicherry
Pongal is most popular festival of Puducherry. It continues for four days (1st day – Bogi, 2nd day – Pongal, 3rd day- Mattu Pongal and 4th day – Farmer’s day) during the month of January. Some other important festivals of the state are Masi Magam (in February), Bakrid, Chitrai kalai Vizha (in Summer), Villianur Temple Car Festival, Veerampattinam Car Festival, Vinayaka Chathurthi, Navaratri, Dasara and Diwali.