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Duarsini: A Place with Enchanting Forest & Tribals

If you are craving to spend some time amidst the beauty of nature, then it’s time to pack your backpack and set out for Duarsini the coming weekend. This is the location that can suffice your inner soul with its unbelievable picturesque beauty of nature. Nature has its own blessings and therefore this tiny location has become a known tourist spot for the nature lovers.

Duarsini is one of such locations where you can find a wide range of trees which include Mahua, Shal, Pial, Teak, Bahera and Kusum which are some of the rare trees to be found. The magnificence of nature lies here as the trees mentioned you will find to stand in a single row. The River Satgudun which runs from the mountains in a serpentine move is something worth watching. It leads to the tribal village of this place. If you are an adventure seeker, this place is packed with excitements to make a memorable trip.

If you have the guts inside you and have a mighty heart, you would love the sudden descendent of darkness. Undeniably the place has its own rhythm which you need to follow but to explore the place you need to have the courage. It is a great place for adventure where the night sky is lighted with the silvery moon, drum beats of the tribal and sky-high trees surrounding you from all the sides. Visiting this location will offer a thrilling experience and an adrenaline rush.

By now, you have already imagined how exciting this place can get and let us check the nearby places.

Places to Check in Duarsini

Moving away from the hustle and bustle of city life and having a look at the tribal lives is itself a pleasure to eyes. Not only they are extremely welcoming but also their fascinating and much simple way of living will leaves your mouth wide open.

The main tribes that you will find in this location include Shabaradh, Munda, Kheriya and Santhal. Apart from the beauty of the nature, the tribal people are the major attractions of this location. As mentioned above, jungle is intriguing, but the excitement levels up much higher when you will be finding some of the wild animals. You can find wild pigs, elephants, bears, wolves and hyenas. Keep your lens ready to capture their natural way of living. Other than this, you will find some of the unknown or rare bird species in this location.

From here, you can plan a trip to the nearby destination named Galudi. As usual this place is known for its amazing nature’s beauty. Bhalo Hills which is 3Km away from Duarsini is again a must visit destination as here you will be witnessing some remnants of the past civilization.

Activities to Do in Duarsini

  • Visit the tribal: One of the most popular activities among the tourists is having a look at the tribal people. You will be fascinated with the lifestyle along with their ways of entertainment. Moreover, their clothing and food differs a lot from our city life culture. So, if you are visiting this place and want to have a look at the diversity consider having a look at the tribal lifestyle.
  • Spend time amidst the forest: We all know that forests are both heart throbbing and fascinating. The high trees touching the sky makes the forest looks even enchanting. During the night sky when the moon is silvery bright, the forest tends to become even more magnificent and magical. You might feel scared looking at the darkness but the moonlight is always there to soothe you and keep the peace alive.
  • Watch Wild Life: If you are someone who loves wildlife photography, consider planning a trip to this place. Not only the nature looks magnificent but also the wildlife in combination adds to the magnificence of the place. For the wildlife photographer, this is a place worth visiting. All you need is to keep your lens ready to capture the natural movement of the wild animals. Moreover, you can find some of the rare species of birds on this place. So just keep your camera ready to shoot.

How to Reach

This place is situated at 393 km from Kolkata and 13 km from the Burdwan district. This town is again 65 km from the Sadar Purulia. It is again at 20 km distance from Ghatsila. This is other words mean that this place is situated at the extreme borders of Jharkhand and West Bengal. Its closest station is both Ghatsila and Purulia.

You can easily avail trains that run from Howrah Station. The Ispat Express which leaves 6.55 am in morning will help you to reach Ghatsila or Galudi. Getting down on Galudi is advantageous for you because it is only 13km away from the main tourist spot and hence you will reach faster.

So if you are willing to spend time amidst nature along with different thrilling adventure, Duarsini is definitely a location that is waiting for you. Magnificent nature combined with the diverse wildlife and tribal people makes the trip extremely memorable and etched in your heart.

Just get your tickets booked and live a few days amidst the lap of nature.