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Hampi, The Historical City of Karnataka

Hampi is one of finest historical sites of ancient age in the world. It was the initial capital city of famous historical Vijayanagara Empire located on the bank of Tungabhadra River about 11 km away from Hospet City. Hampi is a small location covered an area of 25 sq. km. and it is totally bounded by mountains (Anjaneya, Malyavanta and Matanga Hills) by the three sites and rest one site is bordered by Tungabhadra River. It is believed by Hindus that Hampi was a kingdom of Monkeys (according to the Ramayana) before Vijayanagara Empire in pre-ancient age (around 1 CE) when the city was known as Kishkindha.

The traditional culture of Hampi will drag your mind to be a witness of this culture and architecture. Hampi was served as capital city of Vijayanagara Empire more over 200 years (around 1336 AD to 1565 AD). Vijayanagara Rulers decorated and designed this city with lots of lovely temples, palaces, market streets and monuments which made this location one of the famous ancient metropolises in India. This super ancient landscape is selected as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Hampi tourism, Karnataka

(A image one top of Matanga Hills of the Hampi historical site)

Although Hampi was an ancient super metropolis but today it is in ruins and turned into a rural location. Many villages are located around this historical site where agriculture is main source of income. If you planned to trip Hampi then the season during October to February would be the best season (winter) to you when lots of Hindu religious festivals are organized. Temperature levels (12°C to 20°C) also stay pleasant in this time. Usually, the climate of Hampi remains hot and humid in summer (March to June) when temperature can reach up to 41°C.

Places to visit in Hampi

Vittala Temple is one of the prime attractions of Hampi dedicated to Hindu God Vittala who is a form of lord Vishnu. A stone made chariot in front of the entry of the temple gives extra beauty of the temple.

Virupaksha Temple is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva. It is believed to be one of the oldest temples in India where people have been doing continuous worship to god for last 7th century to still today.

Royal Enclosure is another must see place in Hampi from where the rulers of the culture used to watch the annual parade of imperial majesty and military capacity.

Riverside trek Path has created a link between the ancient Hampi Bazaar and the Vittala temple. You will find lots of shrines, carved artifacts, and ruins of ancient structures are positioned alongside the entire path.

Hemakuta is a rocky hill especially famous for several temples situated on the top of it. Among these the Virupaksha Temple of this hill is most famous. This hilltop offers you a lovely scenic view of Hampi and.

Kadalekalu Ganesha is an enormous statue about 14 ft high of lord Ganesha. Some big slender stone pillars with many mythological themes carved decorated the front hall of this Statue. Sasivekalu Ganesha is another big statue of lord Ganesha located inside an open pavilion.

Krishna Temple was constructed by the Krishnadevaraya in 1513 honor to lord Krishna. This temple is one of the best attractions in Hampi. The temple ground is decorated with several stunning the Yalis designed pillars and impressive carvings of elephant balustrades.

Lakshmi Narasimha is a fantastic big statue of lord Narasimha (Nara - man and Simha - lion, a lord combined with man and lion’s figure) who was the 10th avatars of lord Vishnu. This statue is the biggest in Hampi.

Queen’s bath is an indoor aquatic complex specially used for royal family bathing. It is the first ruined structures you will find first when you enter into the Royal palace. Recently, a small garden has added in front this place

Lotus Mahal is an example of complex ancient Vijaynagara architecture. The original reason of use of this historical palace is still unknown. Most probably it was a cultural place where some regional forms of dances were performed.

Hazara Rama Temple is a inner temple located inside the royal house. It is dedicated to Hindu lord Rama and still today you will found here some comic scripts on the stone of temple walls which depicted you about the story of Ramayana.

Besides of these some more lovely places are waiting for you like the Elephant Stables, Pattabhirama Temple, Achyuta Raya’s Temple, Matanga Hill, Malyavanta Raghunathaswamy, House of Victory, King's Balance, Pushkarini Tank, Mahanavami Dibba, Noblemen’s Palace.

How to reach Hampi?

Hospet is a small city of Karnataka served as a gateway to Hampi. It is located just 11 km away from Hampi. You can use any medium of transportation (air, road or train) to reach here. But finally you have to go through Hospet Town. After reaching this town you will get a regular basis bus services from this Town to Hampi. It takes around 31 minutes to reach Hampi from Hospet.

Travel by Railways: Hospet Railway Station is the nearest from Hampi located about 12 km away. This station is directly connected to major cities of Karnataka include neighboring state Goa (Vasco Da Gama). Major cities which are directly connected to Hospet Station are Bangalore, Bijapur, Hubli, Guntakal, Kolkata, Goa, Hyderabad, etc. if you are a traveler from northern India then best option is to reach Bangalore first.

Travel by Roadways: There is a bus terminal at Hospet Town ant it directly connected to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa and Hubli by roadways. Bangalore is connected to Hospet by the NH-4 which extended up to Chitradurga, after that you have to drive through NH-169. Travelers who pass through the Hyderabad city have to follow this root, Hyderabad-Mahboobnagar-Raichu-Gangawat-Hampi. You will get local buses or private taxi/auto-rickshaw from Hospet to Hampi.

Travel by Airways: The airstrip of Tornagallu is the nearest to Hampi which is just 33 km away from Hospet. Bellary is the second nearest airport to Hampi located about 61 km away. Other closer airports of Hampi located little away from the city like, Belgaum 191 km and Bangalore International Airport 351 km. Bellary and Tornagallu are domestic airports provided limited services specially from the city Banglore and Goa. Bangalore International Airport would be suitable, if you are a traveler from far away to the city.

Hotel, Restaurant and Resorts in Hampi

Hotel Mayura Vijayanagar
Thungabadhra Dam Hospet
Phone: 08394-48270
Hotel Priyadarshini
Station Road, Hospet
Phone: 08394-48838
Hotel Malligi
6/143, J. N. Road, Hospet
Phone: 08394-228101
Hotel Mayura Bhuvaneswri
Kamalapur, Hampi
Phone: 08394-51374
Kishkinda Heritage Resort
Sanapur, Anegondi, Gangavathi
Phone: 08533-287034
KSTDC Cottages
Close to Hampi
Phone: 08394-8108

General Information of Hampi

Country India
State Karnataka
District Bellary
Nearest City Hospet Town
STD Code 08394
ISD Code +91
Best time to visit October To February
Area 26 sk. km.
Major Spoken languages Kannada
Climate Hampi Summer: March - end June (average temp. 34°C)
Winter: December - February (average temp. 16°C)