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Goa Tour is one of the best Tours in India. Its lovely natural Beaches, several ancient forts with historical values, religious sites are favorites to all visitors. Goa is known as Rom of East and is famous for its unique Handicrafts. Goa, is a charming address of scenic attraction and many tourist spots highly structured churches and temples, evergreen hills and mountains. Goa is also attractive for its delicious foods, unique culture, and several colorful festivals.

Goa, the smallest (29th by area) state of India, was established during the year of 1987 on 30th May. It covers an area of 3,701 sq km on the Mid-Western side of India. The neighboring states of Goa are Karnataka by the south-east, Maharastra by the North and its entire western side is bordered with the Arabian Sea which has produced several lovely beaches across the western coastline (approx 100 km).

goa beach

(Goa Beach, Goa)

There have only two districts in Goa namely, North Goa District and South Goa District. These districts consist of several big cities like Panaji, Ponda, Mapusa, Margao, Mormugao, Vasco Da Gama, etc. Among these Panaji is accepted as Capital City as well as administrative headquarter of North Goa District. Other hand, the Margao City is the district headquarters of South Goa District and the city of Vasco Da Gama is largest in Goa State.

Climate of Goa

The climate of Goa usually is in tropical zone and produces a heavy rain due to wind of the Arabian Sea. Three major seasons are found in Goa, namely, summer, winter and monsoon.

Summer in Goa: Usually, this season persists for a long times (March to July) in Goa. Temperature may reach up to 45°C with a high humidity in May. Average temperature during this season varies from 30°C to 40°C.

Monsoon in Goa: Usually, monsoon is continued from mid-June to September in Goa. Due to the proximity of Arabian Sea Goa receive heavy rainfalls and some thunderstorms during this season. Average annual rainfalls of Goa are approximately 300 cm.

Winter in Goa: Usually, winter season of Goa persists for a short terms (December to mid-February) with a pleasant temperature. Average temperature during this season varies from 18°C to 28°C.

Languages and Religions in Goa

As per census report 2011 of India approximately 1,458,545 people reside in Goa. Among them about 66% of population are belongs to Hinduism, 26.5% Christians, 6.9% Muslims, and rest are Buddhist and Sikh with a low percent. Maximum of Goans survive with the profession of fishing. Now a day’s tourism is another source of income by the inhabitants of Goa.

People of the state mainly use Konkani as their main dialect. Near about 60.1% of population speak this language. Some other major spoken languages of Goa are Marathi 24.9% (approx), Kannada 11% and some small linguistic groups. Konkani is accepted as the official language of the state and English language is also used few regions.