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Chandigarh Union Territory

Chandigarh is one of seven Union Territory cover an area of 114 sq km. It is located on the foothills of Himalayas by the North-West part of India. The population of Chandigarh is about 1054686 according to the census report 2011 of India. The territory is sandwiched between two states Punjab and Haryana. Himachal Pradesh is situated by the North-East side of Chandigarh.

chandigarh city lake

(Chandigarh city lake)

Chandigarh city is one of the best metropolises cities not only in Chandigarh Union Territory but also in India. It is the 1st planed city and control the administrative systems of three regions namely the Chandigarh Union Territory, Punjab and Haryana state. So the city is considered as the capital city of these three regions and it consists with only one District (Chandigarh District). Read more...

Climate of Chandigarh

Usually the climate of Chandigarh is hot in summer and cold & dry in winter. The weather seasons of the territory can be divided in three major types namely summer, winter and monsoon.

Weather in summer: Normally the summer season of Chandigarh is continued from April to mid of June. The temperature varies during this season from 32°C to 44°C.

Weather in winter: Normally the winter season of Chandigar is continued from November to February. The temperature varies during this season from 4°C to 18°C.

Weather in monsoon: Normally the monsoon season of Chandigarh is continued from July to September. The average annual rainfall of the state is approximately 114 cm.

Culture of Chandigarh

Festivals in Chandigarh: Major festivals of Chandigarh are Baisakhi, Chandigarh Mango Festival, Festival of Gardens, Chandigarh Carnival, Chrysanthemums Show, Chandigarh Plaza Carnival and Teej.

Religions in Chandigarh: The people of Chandigarh mainly belong to Hinduism (78.70). Some other major religions of Chandigar are Christian (0.80%), Muslim (3.80%), Sikh (16.00%).

Languages in Chandigarh: The people of Chandigar mainly use Hindi language as their dialect. Some other dialects of the state are Punjabi and English.