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Henry’s Island

If you are planning for a short trip from Kolkata, you definitely have a lot of options. Our monotonous lifestyle brings the need for going for a short trip to the nearest places. From the many amazing and mesmerizing short trips, a visit to Henry’s Island can be equally blissful.

As the name goes, Henry’s Island, the place got its name from a European. It is said that the European who surveyed this land during the 19th century. The entire region is covered in mangrove forest. This beautiful destination can be easily reached from Bakkhali at 10 minutes via rickshaw vans or auto. Henry’s Island has sloppy and rough shoreline making the place worth visiting. To attract the voyagers here, the West Bengal Fisheries Department has started pisciculture venture and hotels in this location. Here you can find the development and reproduction of fishes and prawns. Over 50 lakes are borrowed by the Fishery Department on this land due to its amazing production.

Even when the place is not massive, the tiny location has a huge variation of trees like Kankru, Palm, Gora, Sundari and Hetal that can natural grow when planted. As this island was an extension of the Sunderbans, this is a land of wild animals like deer, wild pig, crocodile and snakes. Just within a proximal distance, you can find a watchtower. Since it is located at a good height, you can get a panoramic view of the entire location. With a timid sea, colored beach and ships sailing at a distant view makes it a great destination for the weekend.

Sightseeing in Henry’s Island

As mentioned above, this is a tiny place with not massive options, but its enchanting view and serene ambiance never bore you throughout the holidays. Its prime attraction is the beach which is located adjacent to Sunderbans. Moreover, the watchtower is an experience in itself. You need to climb up a good height in order to reach the peak. Once you reach the zenith, you can find a wonderful view of the place. The nearby beach is an attraction and here you can find the sand appears to be red from distant as the red crabs are available in a massive amount.

Nearby Attractions

This is one of the known and most-availed weekend gateways for the people in metro. The entire place is extremely quiet and serene. Being non-polluted and peaceful, the place is able to retain its original beauty. This is a place for the people who loves to be n a tranquil location and a serene ambiance. Just take your novel or a pen and diary and sit down to write whatever the nature reminds you about.

This is said as the twin town and located at a distance of 2km. The location got its name from Andrew Fraser in the early 1900s who once tried to construct a resort on this place. Unfortunately the waves washed them away and he was unable to create the resort.

You can find several windmills in this location lined through the beach and the power is used to light up Bakkhali. Fishing is the prime occupation and you can find fishing harbors which are a governmental project.

Jambu Dwip:
If you are an old-school, this is a great destination. You can reach the location in a boat in 40 minutes as it is located at 8km from Bakkhali. Most of the time, the southern-most island remain underwater and therefore stays uninhibited. As soon as the island shows up, the fisherman starts building their houses.

With the many tourist lodge availability in the recent years and opened throughout the year, this location has become a most-visited destination for the weekend tours. Its tranquility and serenity makes it a great weekend destination.

How to Reach Henry’s Island

By Rail: The nearest railway station is at Namkhana about 25 km driving distance. There are frequent local trains (EMU) services between Namkhana and Sealdah Station via Lakshmikantapur and Kakdwip. Ticket cost is of Rs. 25.00 and the journey takes around 3 hours. From Namkhana you can hire a cab to Henry's Island. No long-distance train or express train runs in this route. The nearest railway head is in Kolkata (namely, Sealdah, Howrah and Kolkata Railway Station), it is about 125 km away from the Henry's Island.

By Road: Henry’s Island is located around 125 km away from Kolkata and is easily accessible by road. You can take a bus from Esplanade or Korunamoyee to Bakkhali. There is frequent WBSTC bus service to Bakkhali. Henry Island is around 5 km from Bakkhali. You will get Toto or Machine Van from Bakkhali to reach Henry’s Island. It may cost Rs. 150.00 to Rs. 200.00 for full reserve. Otherways, you can ask the bus conductor to Jetighat Stoppage, 4 km before Bakkhali, and then another 1.5 km journey but the availability of transport is very uncertain. Alternatively, you can travel by car to reach at Henry’s Island from Kolkata, it is around 4 hours road journey.

By Air: The nearest airport is at Kolkata, Which is about 150 km driving distance from the Henry’s Island.