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If you are looking for an offbeat destination, you should definitely check Bhutanghat which is located at a distance of 45km from the Alipurduar. This is almost near the Indo-Bhutan border where you can find the River Raidak. Spending time in this place offers its own kind of unending number of memories. A peaceful place surrounded with greenery of nature makes it look like a picturesque destination.

People from different parts of the nation visit this destination and t becomes a great weekend tour for the people. Let us check what else can be done in this place and why the people love this place.

Things to check in Bhutanghat

River Raidak is undeniably the first things to watch in this mesmerizing location. This river flows directly from Bhutan’s mountainous valley which then flows to the plains of Doars. The tiny village is blessed with nature’s most picturesque things.

The name Bhutanghat has been derived because of its closeness with Bhutan. Being situated in the mountainous terrain and surrounded with terrains of mountains which is covered with green, this beautiful located has acquired a prominent visibility among the tourists. This blessed hamlet will let you go out of clicks on your camera. You can either take a solo trip to this place or stay in between your tour to Dooars.

This place is located very close to Assam border and Bhutan-Bengal tri-section, Bhutanghat becomes a place that offers range of adventures and spectacular view of nature. Being located in border area along with in the Buxa Tiger Reserve extension, Bhutanghat becomes a great corridor for the elephants. This is what makes it again a great wildlife lover destination. Upon visiting this destination, you can get a look at the bison and elephants which are the most common animals to be seen. If you are lucky enough, you can even find the rare animals which reside in the Buxa Tiger Reserve like the one-horned Rhino along with Royal Bengal Tiger on your way to Bhutanghat. This place is also popular for the huge avifauna.

Narathali lake which is located very close to Bhutanghat makes a great ambiance for the migratory and endemic bird species like the pied hornbill, Himalayan migratory endemic, black stork, ibis bills, red star, migratory teal, minivets and the many other birds available which together makes this place a paradise for the bird watchers. This is the reason why apart from forest walk, bird watching in Narathali Lake on your way to Bhutanghat is one of the popular activities.

While in your journey towards the tri junction, this place offers pictorial sights. You need to keep your camera ready to capture the beauty of the place. The roads are being lined with dense forest and the nearby garden making it actually a visual treat for the eyes. On your visit to the Raidak River bank, you will find a bungalow which was built back in 1904. This is a place built for the tourists to help them spend their night. However as the hotel offer just some of the common amenities, Alupurduar, Jayanti and Bhutanghat is often chosen to be the destination which is comes to day tour or picnic spot.

The serenity of the place, observing birds while taking a stroll in forested area is what appeals the tourists to this mesmerizing destination. Only the chirping of migratory birds is what breaks the trance. Meandering river among the lofty green mountains surrounded with serenity is what makes this place a tourist destination. The surreal beauty of this place makes it a memorable tour among the visitors.

So whether you are someone who wants to spend alone time with yourself amidst the serenity and beauty of nature or someone who loves to spend time with your camera, it is a place for you. The range of bird species and animals in this place will keep your jaws down the ground. So get those lend ready to use at its best. The great blend of nature and wild animals will aid n capturing some of the best pictures.

Best Time To Visit

There is no fixed time to visit this place as each and every season looks and feels here. Every season has its own set of charm. However, if you wish to get a closer look to the natural beauty of this place, monsoon which from the mod of June to the mid of September is the best time to reach this place. The nature stays at its upmost look as the forests are covered with lush greenery so as the mountains making the place look vibrant and each and every thing having life.

So if you are looking for a destination where you can travel in your weekends, Bhutanghat is definitely a place for you. Greenery of the forest combined with the lush green mountains and the different species of animals and birds observed here makes the tour worth planning. Nature is at its best at this place. So just get your tickets booked and spend time amidst the greenery and nature’s beauty.