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List of Circulating Currencies of the World by Countries and Territories

The list denotes the circulating currencies by all countries and territories across the world. There are 180 currencies recognized by the United Nations (UN) member states, observer states, depended on states or unrecognized states in the World. But only 130 currencies are defined as the independent currencies and the rest of them are known as pegged currencies, which have a fixed exchange rate with its pair currency.

Currency Converter

Currency Converter: Convert any currency to other currency in real time.

List of Area, Population & Population Density of Countries and Dependencies

This is a list of all countries, dependent territories, sovereign states and self-governing dependent territories with the area in sq. km, population and population density per square kilometer basis.

List of National Capitals of All Countries and Dependencies in the World

This is a full list of national capitals of all countries and capitals of all territories, dependencies, non- sovereign states including associated states and entities whose sovereignty is disputed. There are 193 member states of the United Nations (UN), which are officially recognized states.

ISD Codes of all Countries

International Subscriber Dialling (ISD) or International Direct Dialling (IDD) is defined as the country code to call a telephone or mobile subscriber directly from outside of the country and it is initiated by the International Call Prefix for the outgoing country, followed by the Country Calling code for the incoming Country, and finally the subscriber’s telephone or mobile number.

Indian STD Code List and Search STD Code

Subscriber Trunk Dialling (STD) codes are assigned to each city/town/village. It is mainly used to call a fixed-line or landline phone. The National Numbering Plan of 2003 by Indian Telecom department is used for Indian Telephone numbering system, which is updated in 2015 for last time.

IFSC Code and Other Details of All Bank Branches in India

Indian Financial System Code, simply and popularly IFSC is a unique 11-characters alphanumeric code used to identify a particular bank branch in India, where first four characters of the IFSC represent the bank name, a 0 (zero) is on the fifth position and last six characters define the branch code of the bank.

Indian PIN Codes and State-wise Post Offices

A Postal Index Number (PIN) or popularly known as PIN code is a six digit post office numbering or postal code system used by the India Postal department to identify Post Offices of different parts in India. The first digit define the postal zone, second digit used to identify sub-zone, third digit defines the shorting districts belong that sub-zone and last three digits defines the individual post offices inside the shorting districts area.

India Embassies, Consulates and Other Representations in Abroad

India has a large diplomatic network in all over the world, which reflects its links and relationships with other countries and organizations. A total number of 89 Embassies and 108 Consulates in the different country represents the presence of India in this country. India is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, so Indian diplomatic mission to the capital of other Commonwealth of Nation is called as High Commission of India. You can get contact and address details about the Indian Embassy or Consulate or High Commissions from the links below,

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