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Bangladesh has a lot of attractive places to make your trip a memorable one. One of those magnificent locations of this nation is Sonargaon. This is also popular as the Golden City and was previously Bengal’s eastern capital during different times in history. It lost its value as soon as the Muslim rulers took their final decision of moving the capital to Dhaka during the 17th century. This place is now a place where you will find the remains of ancient times. If you love everything, then it can be an amazing day trip from the Dhaka city to have a look at the archeology, culture, and adventure.

Being the capital during the 15th century when Bengal was ruled by Isa Khan, this place was a great political and trading center for people. This is why Sonargaon possesses rich architecture of Mughal, Sultanate and the colonial periods. This historic city is located aside the present capital Dhaka consists of several monuments from the Mughal period. From the many monuments, the Panch Pir Mazar Shrine, the Sonakanda River Fort, Abdul Hamid’s Mosque and the Ibrahim’s are some of the major structure that you can never miss.

History of Sonargaon

The old Sonargaon is found near the Dhaka city and is the oldest capital of Bengal. This is also popular as “The City of Panam” along with the main attraction of the known Deva Dynasty till the thirteenth century. Most of this place consisted of upper or middle-class people during the ancient period.

After this, in the 13th century, Sonargaon becomes the secondary capital. The entire Mughal dynasty started in India which emerged in the year 1526 by the Turco Persian leader – Babur. The Mughal ruled Bengal and therefore Sonargaon remained like that for almost a century prior to Bangladesh being founded in the year 1608.

Things To See In Sonargaon

These days most of the visitors come to this place to find the fascinating history of this place. The prime attraction of this place is the ruins of the old structures and its beauty. You will find the Goaldia Mosque which is constructed in Goaldi Village is a magnificent paradigm of the ancient building of Sonargaon. You will be mesmerized just by looking at the unique and extraordinary structure. Folklore Museum is the second most amazing things that you cannot miss in this place. This is one of those few structures that invite thousands of tourists every year to this place. This museum is house to several artifacts that is collected from the different parts of Bangladesh. It represents the several cultural groups existing in this nation.

If you are a history bug, you will never face any chance of boredom. The rich archeological and historical site makes this an amazing location for the tourists. The Jainal Abedin Museum is another unforgettable place to visit. You will still find the shrines of Panjpirs and Shah Abdul Alia along with the Tomb of Sultan Ghias-Ud-Din still intact in this place. The more you keeptravelingg this place, the more you will delve into its intriguing view of the archeological heritage. This countryside location is an ideal place for the people to have a clear picture of the Mughal Empire.

Other than these, Panam Nagar is one of the most visit cities consisting of some of the ancient historical sites. You can observe the ancient historical buildings that were being constructed centuries back and are still found in the pages of history. To make the place a little bit more interesting for the people, now boat riding and fishing can be done. Zinda Park is the next beautiful place for the families. As the name sounds, this is a park where you can spend a great time with your family. With a floating bridge inside the park, it actually becomes a great spot for clicking some of the memorable pictures.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly Sonargaon is an outstanding location for the visitors. With some of the ancient monument from the Mughal Empire and also being the first capital of Bengal, this place holds a significant role in the history. You will be amazed to find each and every corner of this city along with its constructions in the city.

So if you love history and want to have a look at the Mughal Empire, you got to visit this place in your tour to Dhaka, Bangladesh.