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Nature lovers have endless choices and when it comes to witnessing nature’s most spectacular colors and beauty to the fullest, Khagrachari is probably the first name in Bangladesh that would hit our mind. This place is located in Bangladesh towards the south-eastern district and is one of the best places to travel in Bangladesh. Each and every day a huge number of tourists visit this spectacular location because of this charm and splendor.

Khagrachhari is an abode to the never-ending calm and a place to spend some good time. You will be amazed to find that nature has its own charm and that attracts people from the corners. You will find the three main rivers in this place namely Maini, Kasalong and Chengi. With the many tourist destinations located in this beautiful corner of Bangladesh, Khagrachhari has become an ideal spot for escape for both the local and international tourists.

Undoubtedly, you will be finding this place breathable and a place to live, but if you are someone who wants to wander from one place to another, then also you have a lot of options available for you.

Attractions in Khagrachhari

Apu Waterfalls:
Apu waterfall is one of those very few falls that attracts only a few numbers of people. This waterfall is located at close proximity to the Richhang waterfall located in Khagrachhari. This is considered as one of the most appealing and wonderful falls fall present in Bangladesh. The natural splendor of this place makes it feel refreshing for the visitors. The time you spend here in your life is truly memorable. This magnificent location will refresh and rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Alutila Cave and Hill:
This is another jaw-dropping location of Khagrachhari located along the entrance of this place. It has a height of almost 3000feet from the ground level which makes this a beautiful location to spend time. During the Second World War, people used to visit here to take potato to feed them. Since that specific time and reason, it got the name of Alutila. You will also be mesmerized when you find the cave that as a length of 250ft. you need to walk for 10 to 15minutes to cross the cave. There is no doubt that we travel to refresh our mind and visiting this place will just do that for you. Make sure you carry a mobile phone or a torch to watch your footsteps.

Goddess Pond:
This is also popular as Debotar Pukur which the locals call as Matail Pukri. This is actually a pond situated on the top of the hill at a height of 864 feet from the sea level. You require crossing 4 hills to reach this pond. You will be finding a new and interesting place in Khagrachhari named New Zealand. You will also find some of the paddy fields placed on both sides. You will really find the decoration of this restaurant highly interesting. Visit this mesmerizing place and you will fall in love with this place.

Khagrapur Temple:
Khagrapur temple attracts most of the visitors because this is the ancient temple located in Khagrachhari district. If you are someone who feels great spending time in the spiritual locations, this is a temple for you. This temple is devoted to Laxmi Narayan which is a powerful Hindu deity. The beauty of this place is really worth spending time. While traveling to this place, you will feel extremely exciting as this place literally has great things to see. Since it is the oldest temple, you can straight go to this temple and enjoy the time.

King Mong’s House:
This place is located 2km across the town. This house is situated on Mahalchari Road. Since the 8th king, Paila Pru met with a sudden accident at Ramgarh, now the new owner and 9th King is Saching Pru. The natural splendor of this place makes it worth traveling. You will find the many banyan trees in this place and the 10th number one is almost over 100 years. It is located at 22km from Khagrachhari town. Most of the times, this Royal House has a lot of tourist coming in this place.

Risarng Fall:
This is another beautiful location of Khagrachhari. To visit this place, you need you to visit the bus stand which is at 10 km towards East of Khagrachhari. This fall is located at the 2km distance from the market, which is at a walking distance. This fall is at a height of 100feet from the ground level. There is no doubt that people are attracted to this fall because of its magnificence.

Mahamoni Buddhist Temple:
This renowned temple is situated on top of the Mohamoni hill which is close of the Manikchari Royal house. This Buddhist temple was constructed by king Nee Pru and is the ancient and beautiful Buddhist temples located in Bangladesh. You will also find a wonderful lake beside the altitudes. As a whole, this place combines to form a mesmerizing beauty and a place that is worth visiting.

Bottom Line

With every time, this place is acquiring its name and fame to the tourists and as a result, no more it becomes an issue for the people to stay here. You will find a range of accommodation options available online and therefore if you are looking to spend time in a beautiful location, Khagrachhari is a name that you cannot deny.

So just get your tickets and hotel booked to spend quality time in the lap of nature. You will relish and cherish the beauty throughout your life.