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Ratargul Swamp Forest

When it comes to finding a location to visit and spend peaceful time, you will be finding thousands of other places that ensure memorable experience, but have you ever of spending time in a freshwater marshland forest? Isn’t it something different from all other places that you have mostly visited? Ratargul Swamp Forest is one such name located in Sylhet district. You will find this forest covered with freshwater in almost every season and during the rainy season it is totally flooded. You will be surprised to find several kinds of local fishes. This is a terrain for the wild like monkeys, lizards, birds, insects and snakes.

You might find Eagles and vultures which are very rarely seen in the plain lands. Since some of the parts are very tiny, you might have to avail a boat ride and enjoy this thrilling experience. This is from the very few freshwater swamp forests available in the world and only one in the soil of Bangladesh.

Even when there are several places across the world that are visited in all the other season except rainy but how about visiting this beautiful and unique forest during the rains. In our childhood, if you can recall then rainy season was the most awaited one as we would all love to get wet in rain. Childhood is memorable but now in this location you can create new memories in the rains.

You might be thinking about how will it be possible to visit a forest during rains. Let us have a look.

Ratargul During Monsoon

Bangladesh in one of the nations that lies on the Ganges Delta and is affected in monsoon due to flood. Even when flood leads to destruction, this part of Bangladesh turns alive and becomes a picturesque landscape which attracts thousands of visitors from the different corners of the world.

This is more than a trip. It is a blend of thrill, terror of wild and beauty of nature. The entire area is covered with dense forest and you will be travelling around on a boat. While boating, you might come across some of the new species that you have only seen in your television. Some of its parts are so dense that only sun rays peeps from the gaps of the branches and leaves. If you are a true lover of wild, then you just need to pack your backpack and observe the beauty of nature in the wild.

This freshwater forest is located in the heart of Sylhet which is in proximity to the Gowain River. This spectacular evergreen forest has freshwater almost in every day of a year. Especially during the monsoons, its enchanting greenery will mesmerize you. The water level during this time rises to 20 – 30 feet higher which in other season remains to 10feet. You will feel being in some part of the Amazon Forest as the submerged water trees resembles more like it. This is also known as the Sundarbans of Bangladesh.

Experience Thrilling Boat ride To the Dense

Visiting this part of the world will show you how great the land can look in monsoons. You will find the tourists coming here mostly will opt for a boat ride. The swamp forest will provide you a glimpse of the Amazon Forest. You can carry an umbrella to protect yourself but the drizzles cannot be stopped even with an umbrella. It is more than a lifetime experience watch the beauty of the nature with the drizzles is a memorable experience in total.

Each and every drop will connect you with the nature. Most of the areas will be able to visit by the tourists but some of the dense region where the population of wild animals is huge in number is under unrestricted zone. Moreover, the paths are extremely narrow for the boat to pass.

Ride the Watch Tower

In order to help the tourists get a panoramic view of the forest, a watch tower has been created. All you need is to just ride up the staircase. You will be amazed to find such a huge area being completely covered with green. When you go up, you will just find the land being covered with lush greenery. You can get your camera ready to capture such a wonderful view of this forest.

Discover New Flora and fauna

This is the adobe for several unique species that are nowhere to be seen. You will be surprised to find over 70 species of trees are available here like Murta and Koroch. This is completely maintained by the government department. Other than these, if you are afraid of snakes then get your breathe tight as you will be welcomes with different varieties of them. You will also find monkeys, waterfowls and much more. The chirping of birds and the sound of water goes rhythmic and create an outstanding ambiance.


Ratargul Swamp Forest in Bangladesh is truly an outstanding space for the people who want to send time amidst the wild. Monsoon coupled with the wild is nerve thrilling and will make you feel that terror within you.

So what are you waiting for? Just visit here and collect a whole new experience of natural beauty combined with the many species of flora and fauna.