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Kuakata Sea Beach

If a beach is something that intrigues you, then Kuakata in Bangladesh can be a great destination. This is the second largest sea beach present in this nation. It is also popular has the “Daughter of Ocean”. The entire beach is filled with sand and extends to 15kms long and 3kms wide. There is no doubt due to serenity and splendor, this beach invites the tourists from the different parts of the world. The more you see the beach, the more it will keep intriguing you with its natural beauty. The natural touch, clear sandy beaches, wilderness, and delicious kinds of seafood are some of the aspects that make Kuakata among the top tourist destinations in Bangladesh.

This place never fails to excite you with its attractions and activities. Whether you are someone who loves to hop from one place to another to watch the beauty of the place or if you are someone who enjoys sitting at one place and enjoying the beauty, Kuakata is definitely one such place that can full both the desires. With the numerous attractions, you can keep on moving and with due to its wilderness and serenity, you can even sit at one place for hours.

Let us check what this place has to offer to the tourists.

Attractions and Activities

Observe the Sunset and Sunrise from This Beach:
This 30km serene beach is one of those very few places in Bangladesh from where you can get a clear view of sunrise and sunset. When the sky is clear, the beach looks picturesque. The panoramic view of this beach can be framed especially during the sunrise and sunset. While the sun goes down, the entire sky seems colored with shades of yellows, orange and reds and altogether is worth capturing the mesmerizing view.

Enjoy The Delicacies:
The beach has numerous stalls where you can get seafood. Probably, you have already had these fishes, but the taste of this place will give new aspect in your taste buds. You can get from a variety of kinds of seafood like Poa, Prawn, Lakkha, Hilsha, Lobsters, and Crabs. If you are thinking that the food will cost high then you are absolutely wrong, The seafood is available at an affordable price and therefore you should never miss the opportunity to taste the delicacy of the place.

Gangamati Reserved Forests:
This is evergreen and Mangrove forest located along the east of the beach. You can always avail a bike or walk on feet to reach this forest. The lake present in this forest is what makes it look extremely appealing. The trees lined in a natural manner make the place look great. It is always advised to come back before dawn as the place becomes dark after sunset.

Fatra’s Chor:
This is another known tourist spot situated nearby this beach. This is a portion of the largest mangrove forest Sundarban in the world. It’s a gigantic forest which might scare you if you have never seen forests before. In order to visit this place, you need to hire the engine boat available from the Labur Chor. This might take one hour to reach the place and once you get the authority to enter the forest from the forest camp, you can enter here. You can see different species but the more to go deep, the more gets darker which is not authorized by the government. Therefore in a tour to beach, you can also spend time in the forest.

Kuakata Buddhist temple:
You can also find some culturally rich Buddhist temples here in Kuakata. The 100-year-old idol of Buddha in Keranipara and Sheema Mandir is worth visiting. The temple here is constructed with the eight special metals. The idol of Gautama Buddha you find here is the biggest one in entire South Asia. You can also find a well that is 200 years old. Make sure you open your shoes before entering the temple. Being one of the biggest and oldest temples, you can get to see different monks.

Lebur Chor:
This s located at a distance of 5km from the prime beach of Kuakata. This is also popular as Lembur hor or Nembur Chor with an approximate of 1000 acres. This is again a small part of Sundarban but now this is separated from it. The natural splendour of this overall area is truly spectacular. Not only you can enjoy the scenic beauty but also BBQ and a boat ride.

With numerous things to see and activities to do in this place, Kuakata in Bangladesh has become one of the major tourist places. Irrespective of whether you are a photographer or religious person or love to spend time in nature, the versatility of this place can satiate the wishes of avid tourists.

So just book your tickets and enjoy amazing moments with your family in nature’s lap.