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Mosque City of Bagerhat

Bangladesh tour has a lot to offer to the visitors. Bagerhat is one of those famous names in the tour list that has a long list of exciting things to show. This is a place that treasures great historical sites, cultural attractions and numerous other nearby attractions. Explore the new things is what Bagerhat is famous for. You will not find a minute to stand as the place is filled with various things. The beautiful open-air museum from the medieval architecture heritage protected by UNESCO will give your shiver in your veins. If you are more of an archeological buff or someone who funds history as the most exciting thing, you will never forget this trip to Bagerhat.

Bagerhat was primarily constructed back in 15th century by a renowned saint in Bangladeshi history, “Khan Jahan Ali”. Some of his famous archeological collection sits like a crown in the history of Bangladesh. Moreover, you will find various other mausoleums and mosques that are accessorized with jaw-dropping tropical trees, ponds, paddies, and birds.

Attractions in Bagerhat

Let us find the attractions of this place:

Shait Gumbad Mosque:
This is one of the famous mosques as well as attractions in the entire nation. This archeological masterpiece was created back in 1459. This is the most amazing and biggest traditional mosque present in the entire nation. The name “Shait Gumbad” denotes a temple with 60 domes. The fortress structure of this ancient structure has thick walls and is an impressive sight to observe. The entire archeological style is greatly influenced by the Turkish and its arches present in between the prime hall have geometrical significance.

Khan Jahan Ali Tomb:
This is an active place for worshipping. Already the place has a lot to offer the visitors and this Tomb is the monument in entire Bagerhat that have still managed to retain the actual domed ceilings. You will observe cenotaph which is present in the entrance is completely covered with different colored tiles along with you will also find inscriptions of Quranic verses. Mostly you will find it covered by a red cloth which is again embroidered by golden threads. Dargah Mosque which is single domed remains enclosed within the complex by a gigantic wall having short towers on its corners.

Ronvijoypur Mosque:
This is situated on a street which leads to the north. This renowned mosque was built back in the 15th century seems truly spectacular. It includes the biggest mosque done in entire Bangladesh that is supported with brick walls of 3m. The interior portion of this mosque is plan while the prime mihrabs are gracefully decorated with floral patterns.

Singar Mosque:
This is again a popular historical place located across the road which leads to Shait Gumbad. Travelers will not find it hard to reach the place along with can seek various adventures. Irrespective of its size, it has a great structured that features ribbed brick pillars across the four sides along with crowned with a gigantic single dome. Also, the mosque is surrounded by a beautiful garden that again offers a beautiful sight for the photographers.

Bagerhat Museum:
This is a tiny and very precisely arranged museum situated within the area of Shait Gumbad Mosque. One does not require paying an entrance fee as its fee is covered within the mosque’s entrance fee. This ancient structure contains remnants of the neighboring area. This is an ideal place to know more about the local history of this place. You will definitely find many fascinating things in this museum but don’t forget to check the preserved skin of a crocodile which used to live in the Thakur Dighi pond.

Nine Domed Mosque:
This is located along the western side of the Thakur Dighi. You don’t have to hire a car, you can take short walk from Khan Jahan Ali mausoleum. This Nine Domed Mosque or Noy Gombuj Masjid is being repaired very recently. With intriguing structure including eight small domes bordering the larger central dome is worth having a look. The niches or mihrabs are amazingly embellished with foliage motifs and terracotta floral coral containing chain-and-bell in its center.

Chunakhola Mosque:
This mosque is situated just behind the Shait Gumbad. This is single-domed and has some of the renowned neighbors like Bibi Begni. This is constructed in a paddy field which makes it look much like those of fairytale constructions. In order to reach this place, all you need is to follow Shait Gumbad Mosque’s path that is towards the north of Ghora Dighi Pond. After reaching Bibi Begni, just turn right and walk five minutes towards your left.

With so many historical sites in this place, Bagerhat has become a place for the archeological and history buffs. You will find some of the fascinating archeological remains in the mosques of this place.

How to reach Bagerhat

Khulna is the divisional headquarter and nearby big city to Bagerhat, which is connected to all major cities and towns in Bangladesh by road or any other means. Bagerhat is about 40 km driving distance from Khulna and will take 1 hour to reach by car. There have regular bus services from Sonadonga bus stand of Khulna to Bagerhat throughout day time, which will cost 30 taka for a one-way ride. From anywhere in Khulna city, you may get paddle-rickshaw or auto-rickshaw to reach the bus stand. There have numerous bus services from Dhaka, Jessore, Barisal and Gopalganj are also available to reach Bagerhat. Nearby airport to Bagerhat is situated in Jessore. It is a domestic airport and having flights for Dhaka only. Dhaka is the only international airport in Bangladesh to arrive from your country by air.

You can hire a cycle-rickshaw for traveling in the city Bagerhat. If you are not in hurry, walking is the best option to explore the heritage of the city.

So don’t wait. Just make sure you visit this historically rich location and enjoy the archeological remains.