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Vrindavan City, the Living place of lord Krishna

Vrindavan (also spelled as Vrindaban or Brindavan) city is located at Mathura district in the state of Uttar Pradesh about 11 km away from Mathura city close to the Agra-Delhi highway. According to the mythology of Hindu, God Krishna used to live here during his childhood days before 3000BC.

The name of the city was derived from the forest of Basil (Vrinda - Basil and Vana - forest). Once upon a time the city was covered with thick forest where lord Krishna (childhood) used to play with his cowherd friends and he killed several demons in this forest who were sent by the King Kansa.

A in the city of Vrindavan

(A Beautiful Krishna Temple in Vrindavan City, Uttar Pradesh)

Sri Chaitanya Mahapravu was a great devotee of lord Krishna who ignores his family and determinate to go Vrindavan (in 1515 ad) to locate the lost holy places where Lord Sri Krishna used to spend his childhood. At last he succeeded to locate all the important places of Krishna's pastimes at Vrindavana.

At the beginning of 19th century, the forest regions of Vrindavan were cleared by the local kings for people living. In last 200 year it is gradually turned into a city. Now it is one of the most spiritual cities of India by Hindus where you will find more over 101 of temples. Maximum of these temples are dedicated to lord Krishna and Radha.

Some reserved forest still founded in Vrindavan which are the abode of some local wildlife, including peacocks, cows, monkeys and a variety of bird. Millions of devotees visit here through out the year and they participate in several festivals which are related to lord Krishna. Local devotees of the city are usually known as Vaishnab.

Famous temples in Vrindavan

Madan Mohan Temple of Kali Ghat is the oldest temple in Vrindavan located on the bank of Yamuna River which is constructed by Kapur Ram Das. The initial idol of Lord Madan Gopal of the temple was shifted to Rajasthan to rescue it from Aurangzeb's rule and now a replica of the idol is worshiped here.

Garud Govind Temple is located on the NH 2 at Chhatikara village in Vrindavan. It is one of the ancient temples in Vrindavan. The idol of Krishna of the temple is seated on a Garud (Eagle). Kaalsarp Puja is performed here by the people from all over India.

Banke Bihari Temple was constructed by Swami Haridas in 1862. It is the most famous temple in the city. During the festival time in the month of July and August, thousands of devotees gathered here to worship lord Krishna.

Radha Vallabh Temple was constructed by the Radha-Vallabh sect of Hindu religion, during the reign of Mughal. This sect of Vrindavan was founded by Sri Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu, a great devotee of Lord Sri Krishna.

Jaipur Temple was constructed by king of Jaipur, Sawai Madhov Singh 1917. It took about 30 years to complete the temple construction with the fine hand-cut sandstone from Rajasthan. The temple is dedicated to Lord Radha Madhavo.

Sri Radha Raman temple was constructed by the proposal of Gopala Bhatta Goswami in 1542 ad at Vrindavan. Still today, the temple is an address of the original saligram of lord Krishna with his consort Radharani.

Shahji Temple was constructed by Shah Kundan Lal in 1876. The idol of the Mandir is usually known as the Chhota Radha Ramanji and the Mandir is built in such a way that the idols have easy access to all part of the temple by devotees.

Rangaji Temple was constructed in 1851 ad to worship Lord Vishnu resting on the coils of the holy Sesha Snake. It is an example of Dravidian architecture in Vrindavan. The temple is six storeys with a large gateway and a 51 ft high main-door.

Sri Krishna Balarama Mandir is one of the best ISKCON temple in India located in Vrindavan. The major gods of the temple are Krishna and Balaram include Radha, Gaura and Nitai. It was constructed in 1975 by Swami Prabhupada.

Radha Damodar Temple was constructed by Srila Jiva Goswami in 1542 ad Vrindavan City. This temple is dedicated to lord Srila Prabhupada You will find here an Ashram adjoining to the temple where the priest or chief devotees of the temple reside.

Shri Maa Katyayani temple is located at Vrindavan city in the Mathura District. This temple is one of the 51 sacred Shakti Peetha by Hindus. It was constructed in 1851 ad and dedicated to Lord Ranganathji

Shree Radha Ras Bihari Ashta Sakhi Temple is a place where lord Krishna played Rasa Lila (divine Passion) with his consort Radha and her Ashta Sakhis (eight companions). It is located near the Shree Banke Behari Mandir.

Some other sacred pilgrimage sites of Vrindavan City are Sevakunj, Kesi Ghat, Sriji Mandir, Jugal Kishor Temple, Lal Babu Temple, Rajghat, Kusuma Sarovar, Mira Bhai Temple, Kalia Ghat and Chira Ghat.

How to reach Vrindavan?

Vrindavan city is located just 12 km away from Mathura. You can easily access the city from major parts of India via the Mathura city. Being a sacred place for Hindus, the city receives lots of tourists and devotees through out the year especially in the festival moth of Holi.

Travel by Roadways
Vrindavan is well connected to its neighboring cities Delhi and Agra by roadways. Best option is to reach Mathura first after that you have to make a local journey of 20 minutes between Mathura-Vrindavan. Some direct buses also run between Delhi to Vrindavan.

Travel by Airways
Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi is suitable to reach the city which is located about 132 km away from Vrinavan. Other nearer airports (domestic) to the city are Kheria Airport of Agra about 54 km away and Gwalior Airport (GWL) about 153 km away. After reaching to these airports catch the city.

Travel by Railways
There have no big railway junction in Vrindavan but also a small railway station located here which is connected to Mathura Junction. Mathura railway station is about 13 km away from Vrindavan and few local train services are provided between these two stations. So, if you are tourist or devotee far away to this city then Mathura Junction would be suitable via to reach Vrindavan.

Hotels in the Vrindavan City

Ananda Krishna Van Hotel
Madhuvan Colony, Vrindaban
Phone: 0565-3298855
Bhaktidhama Residency
Raman Reti, Brindavan
Phone: 0565-2540052
Hotel Shuvam
Vidyapeeth Chawala
Phone: 0565-2446025
Hotel Basera Vrindavan
Raman Reti Marg, Vrindaban
Phone: 0565-2913222
Shri Krishna Chhaya Dham
Chetanya Vihar, Brindavan
Phone: 0565-6454642
Ananda Dham Ashram
Parikrama Marg
Phone: 0565-2540414
Agrasen Ashram
Pasikrama Marg
Phone: 0565-2540186
Balaji Guest House
Raman Reti Road
Phone: 0565-2540325
Thakur Ji Ashram
Raman Reti Marg
Phone: 0565-2442935
Radhey-Shyam Ashram
Pasikrama Marg
Phone: 0565-2540197

Information about Vrindavan City

Country India
State Uttar Pradesh
STD Code 0565
ISD Code 0091565
Landmark On the bank of Yamuna River, 13 km from Mathura
Languages Hindi (main language), Brajvasa, English, etc.
Climate Winter average 13°C, Summer average 34°C
Best season to visit November to March
Attractions It is a Hindu religious site include many temples
Targeted Railway Station Mathura Junction
Airport Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport