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Sixty Dome Mosque

Sixty Dome Mosque is one of the prime places in Bangladesh known for a rich culture. Located in Bagerhat which is a small town known for the religious history, this region is full with several mosques which were mostly built back in the 15th century. Among all the other mosques located here, one of the most prominent and renowned names is the sixty dome mosque. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which invites thousands of tourists each and every year.

This is also known as “Shait Gombuj Masjid” and is one of the prime historical attractions in Bangladesh. If history fascinated you or someone who loves to capture the historic architecture along with its scenic beauty, this is one site that you can explore. Being one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the largest one from the Sultanate era, this architectural structure attracts visitors from the corners of the world.

The Sixty Dome Mosque has much more inside it to have a look at. Once you enter this monument, you will keep staring at each and every corner. Every side of this place has something unique to discover.

Location of the Sixty Dome Mosque

This historical monument is located in southern Bangladesh. Bagerhat district is one such place where you can find several historical monuments and Sixty Dome Mosque is one of them. This popular mosque is in the Khulna Division which is situated 3 miles away from the main town of Bangladesh. You can also rent a car from the Dhaka city and visit this mosque.

History of Sixty Dome Mosque

Back in the 15th century, in the Sundarban area, a Muslim colony was discovered by Khan Jahan Ali. The mangrove forest is located within proximity of the Bagerhat district. As the saint preached in the Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah times in a calm place known as “Khalifalabad”, he was able to discover this place. He found a city that was covered with dozens of mosques. The remains are found in the largest multi-city of this nation. The Sixty Dome Mosque was constructed for prayers along with consists of a huge assembly hall which you can find in your visit to this historical place.

This mosque from among the largest mosque in the country and has set an example in the entire Muslim architecture.

Sixty Dome Mosque Explorations

This is also popular as Shait Gombuj Masjid which consists of 77 domes in the main hall and 60stone pillars. There is also a possibility that previously it was known as Sixty Pillared Mosque. These columns were also popular as Amud in African and Persian which later was known as Gombuj or domes as the Bangla dialect.

Architectural Style of Sixty Dome Mosque

The more you start exploring this mosque, the more you will fall in love with its architectural magnificence. You will be noticing thick brick and tapered walls which were constructed in the Tuglaq style. A hut patterned roofline present in this mosque makes it look like those ancient styles.

This mosque is 160 feet long and 108 feet wide and while moving around you will find almost 77 domes which are amazingly arranged in 7 long rows with 11 domes in each. Also, the 4 towers from which 2 are used during azaan. Moreover, there are several bays and aisles inside the mosque which supports the roof.

You will also find a prayer hall that consists of 11 arched doorways which is located in the east and 7 on the northern and southern side as it offers light and ventilation. This offers a sombre look. More than this, it is further divided into 7 longitudinal aisles and 11 deep bays. The walls present are 6 feet thick along with hollow and round from the tower corners. This site will provide you with a visualization of the 15th century.

The Sixty Dome Mosque in Bangladesh is an ideal location for the photography lovers and history buffs. With the amazing architectural design that dates back to 15th century, you can actually have a look at the intelligence and creativity of ancient times. Due to its amazing architecture, this mosque invites thousands of visitors every year. It’s a place that tells stories from the past and provides you with a chance to capture the beauty.