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Nature has its own rhythm and it’s even more soothing than any other fantastic compositions in the world. Bangladesh is one of those nations that has been blessed with lush greenery and the only amazing region of this nation that have green covered in it is the Sundarbans.

The Sundarbans is the World’s biggest Mangrove forest and is the prime tourist destination in Bangladesh. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located across the Ganges and which extends to India as well. The name Sundarbans mean “Beautiful forest”, which is again taken from Sundari trees found in abundant in this region. The region is popular for the Misty Mangrove Forests, Royal Bengal Tiger, more than 500 animal species available here and breathtaking views of the nearby regions are some of the major things to see. The most popular animal species found in this region are spotted dear, birds, fishing cats, snakes, monkeys and crocodiles.

This spectacular forest covered with lush greenery spanning almost more than 10,000 square kilometre of land area consists of two major eco-regions like the Freshwater Swamp Forest and the Mangrove Forest. This is again interconnected by network of mudflats, tidal waterways and the tiny islands of thick mangrove vegetation. It is home to almost 350 tigers, which is apparently the biggest population on Earth. Its ecology supports varied resources that include approximately 42 mammal species, 270 bird species, 35 reptile species, 120 species of fishes and 8 species of amphibians. This unique part of the world is a mysterious part as it’s dense and deep.

Species Available in The Sundarbans

In such a huge forest, the species of animals available are almost out of imagination. It can be a mysterious journey to the deep. Here are some of the most common animal species available here.

Reptiles: Some of the rare species of Monitor Lizards, Turtles, Estuarine Crocodiles, Snakes and Chameleons. The known species of snakes available here are Vipers, Water Snakes, Pythons, Chaquered Killbacks, Kraits and the Rat Snakes.

Mammals: Fishing Cats, Royal Bengal Tiger, Common Grey Mongoose, Macaques, Wild Boar, Jungle Cat, Fox, Pangolin, Flying Fox and the Spotted Deer.

Birds: Water Hens, White Ibis, Coots, Open Billed Storks, numerous species of Kites, Pheasant-tailed Jacanas, Falcons, sea Eagles, Eagles and Seagulls, different species of Kingfishers, Marsh Harriers, Herons, Spotted Doves, Swamp Partridges, Jungle Babblers, Red Junglefowls, Cotton Teals, Caspian Terns, Large Egrets, Wood Sandpipers, Common Snipes, Green pigeons, Paradise Flycatchers and many more. Probably you will lose count of the bird species when you visit this unique destination.

Presently, this part of Bangladesh has been separated into 55 portions by the four forest ranges. With three wildlife sanctuaries like South, east and West Sanctuary, Sundarbans has become a place for the travellers.

The Major Tourist Attractions In Sundarbans

Katka: This is another spectacular spot of this location situated on south-eastern corner of Sundarbans. This spot belongs to East Wildlife Sanctuary of Sundarbans within the Forest Division. This is the frequently visited spot as it offers great place to watch the wildlife. If you visit here, you can find the spotted deer and sometimes the popular Royal Bengal Tiger. With the 40 feet long wooden tower, one can get a splendid aerial view of this mangrove forest and its wildlife. The shallow water offer area to find routes where you can watch lizards, deers, birds, monkeys and snakes.

Kochikhali: This again belongs to the East Wildlife Santuary and is 14km east. Here you will find dense forest that faces Bat of Bengal. You can get a view of numerous land and marine creatures on this beach. The Supati and East Kocchikhali Khal are the famous entrance for the Tigers. If you have the dare, you can go for boating and find the deers, crocodiles, wild boar, lizards and different types of birds,

Nilkomol: This is a place in the area where you will find tourists from the corners of the world. It is popular because this region is a great area for watching crocodiles, monkey, birds, otter, snakes and the spectacular view of the mangrove forest. You will not be able to find tigers here but occasionally they can be seen.

Dublar Char: This amazing island located off coast towards the South east of the Hiron Point and Katka along the south west. Mostly you will observe dry fish processing and fishing villages in this region. Each and every year thousands of visitors come to this place to become a part of the Rash Mela.

With some of the breathtaking tourist locations situated nearby and a place with some of rare species of flora and fauna, this place has become the major tourist spot in Bangladesh. Thousands of visitors, photographers come to this place just to find the natural ecosystem and become a part of it.

If you have a daring heart and would love to unveil the mysteries inside the dark and dense forest, this is a place for you.