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Dhanmondi Lake

Bangladesh is a beautiful nation with wonderful sites throughout the country. It is a green country where thousands of visitors come every year. There is no doubt that the country has lots of wonderful places to show and especially during the rainy season, the country gets covered with green. With every day this nation getting popular for its many amazing places, some of the places are being introduced to the travelers. One of such beauty hiding inside this nation is the Dhanmondi Lake. This is one of the prime tourist attractions of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Being located in the Dhaka city which is the capital, huge number of hotels and accommodations are available for the tourists. During the holidays, even the inhabitants of this country go for a tour to this city. People from across the nation along with other countries visit the Dhaka city in Bangladesh and enjoys the beauty of the place.

About The Beautiful Dhanmondi Lake

It is considered by the locals that once in the past, Dhanmondi Lake was the forbidden canal of river Caravan in Karwanbazar. With passing time, waters from different rivers flown to this lake and formed this beautiful lake. However, there is no left over can be observed of the Caravan river now in the place. There the canal is still there and now Dhanmondi Lake has become a beautiful place surrounded with green. With full of lives and jaw-dropping scenic beauty, this place has now become a place for the visitors.

The size of the lake is 3 kilometers in length and surrounded with green from all sides. The beautiful lake invites flowers of different types and can be seen dotted on the sides of this lake. During the rainy season, the place seems filled with green and beauty. Since numerous people finds interest in spending time in this beautiful place, the place is always inviting visitors. The planned walkways and bridges over water give you the chance to observe the lake from different corners. Nature lovers are mostly seen here spending time in the fresh air. Dhanmondi Lake is a place that helps you get rid of the tiring and tedious metropolitan life.

Special Attractions of Dhanmondi Lake:

  • The greenery, the fresh air, the wonderful lake and the different flowers blown on the sides of the lake are some of the major attractions for the nature lovers.
  • If you are a photographer, you can also capture some of the breathtaking views from the bridge and the walkways. The beauty of this place will never fail to mesmerize you.
  • During the rainy season, this place has a different and better view.
  • Boating is fun, right? You can also have fun with your family and roam across the lake by boating. Boat rides are always available for the visitors. Make sure you take your camera and enjoy the scenic beauty while enjoy with your friends at the same time.

Greenery across the lake, colored flowers across the lake and going for a thrilling boat ride with your beloved person is what Dhanmondi Lake offers. The beauty of this place will never fail to astonish you and your reel will go out of count capturing the splendor of this lake along with its surroundings.

So if you are from Dhaka city, then take a day off from your busy schedule and if you are going for a tour to Dhaka, Bangladesh then strike off a trip and spend time in the beauty of Dhanmondi Lake. You will feel the pleasure of life.