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Birishiri, Netrokona

We all dream of spending time with our closed ones in some calm and tranquil location. As our hectic life needs us to work almost round the clock and every day in a week, we crave for spending some peaceful time. Our world has been blessed with several places that has a picturesque view and serene ambiance, but the Birishiri is Bangladesh is one on top of the list.

Birishiri provides you with ample opportunities to enjoy the picturesque view of our magnificent nature. With limestone hills covering the spectacular blue lake and tranquility is at its peak. Spending time with your friends and family can rejuvenate your mind. This amazing destination is situated in the Netrokona district at the Shushong Durgapur Thana. As mentioned above, this place is popularly known for its amazing landscape which is across Shomeshwari River.

The tiny ceramic hills with turquoise colored lake water form a perfect landscape. This place is located at a distance of 175 km from the North Dhaka which is almost near the India-Bangladesh Border. When compared to other tourist spots of Bangladesh, this is probably the remotest area.

Birishiri is actually the rural community situated in the base of Garo hills. It is dominated by Garo - who are the ethnic tribal. You will observe that Christians are mostly the tribal people of this area. It is still underdeveloped and the main reason is due to its remote location. But the best part about it is its remoteness and underdevelopment is the reason why the place is still able to maintain its natural scenic splendor.

What Will You Find At Birishiri?

Chun Pahar is the prime reason that makes this place even more attractive. The spectacular limestone hills present in Birishiri feels like painting with such astounding colors will fill your eyes. To fulfill the thirst of your eyes, this is an ideal location. The hills pained in blue and purple are worth watching and heart satisfying. Photographers will fall in love with this place.

The turquoise water surrounded by these hills is the next satisfying thing to watch. This is known as NIL PANI which you cannot believe until your eyes are there to witness its real beauty. You can also get down and swim or you can sit and admire this natural beauty.

During monsoon, the natural beauty of this place tends to go beyond the eyes could even take. Your reels will go out of order capturing the magnificence of this place.

Even when the place does not have much to see, you will never feel bored staying at one place for hours. This is the best destination for the people who are a true nature lover and wants to visit a serene location where nature’s beauty is beyond words could describe.

So, if you are planning to visit Bangladesh and don’t want to miss the rural treasure of this place, make sure you keep Birishiri on top of the list. It is a place where you can find the perfect blend of beauty and tranquility.

How to Reach?

There are two different ways to reach this place.

If you wish to avail a direct bus to this place that leaves at 1:00 am from the Mohakhali bus stand, you can definitely avail it. You will not find any particular counter to avail this bus service but you will be guided so that you can book and buy the tickets without facing any hassle. You will be charged 600 to 700 taka per person for this bus service. It takes 6 to 7 hours approximately to reach the location and hence by 6:00 am – 7:00 am you can reach Birishiri.

In case you are not willing to go for a night journey and looking for day time, avail the buses going to Durgapur. You can avail these buses anytime you want as the bus services are available throughout the day from early morning to 7:00 pm. To reach Durgapur, it will take around 4 to 5 hours. Once you reach Durgapur, you can go for any local buses moving to Birishiri which will take you another 2 to 3 hours.

Keep in mind that the roads going to Birishiri is not maintained properly, so it might be a hectic journey for you. A bit of advice provided is to avoid taking back seats and it tends to make the journey even more hectic. Make sure to carry face mask to stay away from dust entering your mouth and nose.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets booked and give your soul a real taste of nature’s magnificence.