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When you get too bored of your monotonous life and you crave for a retreat to the nature, you definitely need to go for a tour to a place where nature is beyond beautiful. In case you are not able to decide the best place to visit, then Bandarban in Bangladesh might have everything that you seek for.

With the breathtaking view of mountains, lush greenery and the water bodies amazingly placed by nature itself, Bandarban has become a known tourist location. This is the least populated and the remote part of the nation. Bandarban is one of those places in Bangladesh that have some of the highest peaks along with is home to over fifteen ethnic minorities.

This jaw-dropping location is a lot to explore and will make sure that you do not stay at one place. No matter wherever you look, you will always find greenery surrounding you. If you are someone who likes to stay at one place, then this place can always help you to be there and if you want to roam around, Bandarban has a lot of options available for you.

Let us find out some of the major attractions of this place that you can never afford to lose visiting.

Attractions in Bandarban

This is almost 3,500 feet in height and is said to be from the tallest peaks in the entire Bandarban. If you are looking for nature at its finest way, Nil Giri is definitely a place that can fulfil your wishes. Irrespective of whether visiting on any cloudy afternoon or in a cool winter, this place never fails to amaze you with its beauty. You will feel blessed by watching the beauty from the mountain top. The clouds are placed in such a way that it looks like being painted.

This is an ideal location that offers amazing view while sunrise and sunset. In each and every way, this location will make you feel like you are in heaven. The breathtaking panoramic view of lush greenery carpeted throughout the mountains and clouds crowning it make it an ideal location for photographers.

Nafakhum Waterfalls:
Have you ever looked at the beauty of the waterfalls? If no, you definitely need to plan a tour to the largest waterfall in Bangladesh – Nafakhum Waterfalls. It gets connected with the Sangu River in some location known as Remakri of the Thanchi Upazilla. This is a virgin location as the location is being unveiled very recently by some tourists. It takes 4 hours to reach this place from Bandarban.

When it has primarily discovered, this was popular as the “Niagara Falls of Bangladesh”. If you wish to find the untouched and natural beauty of the hills, this is definitely the best place to visit. Even when the place looks beautiful throughout the year, but rainy season has something different. The place has something different.

Shuvronila & Nilachal:
This beautiful location is located at 5kms away. The 2000ft high stop is from the easily accessible spots from Bandarban. This is basically a place from where you can get a view of the entire town. Mostly photographers are available with their camera ready to click some of the beautiful pictures of the place.

The place is definitely a great location that one can visit during the winters and rainy season. You can enjoy the finest view of the entire Bandarban town from this point. It’s immensely mesmerizing to watch such a spectacular view.

Shoilo Propat:
If you are not attracted by the crystal clear water of the waterfalls, you might be attracted to the bawn community who are available in this area. As this area has full of fresh water, there are 2/3 bawn villages are being set up. You will also find some of the amazing handicrafts like rugs, handmade baskets, fish traps and much more. If you think you can buy them from local markets, then the only difference is that these materials look extremely unique and amazing.

Boga Lake:
When compared to Kaptai Lake in Rangamati, the Boga Lake of Bandarban is known for its beauty. There is no doubt that Kaptai Lake is definitely a place surrounded with beauty of nature, but the only difference with Boga Lake is that this is completely natural. This is the highest lake in the nation located at 3000 ft above the sea level.

The best part of Boga Lake is the water of lake has naturally a different color in different times of the day. You will find a different look of the lake during cloudy day, humidity and in sunlight. Mostly the water looks blue which makes it a picturesque location, but with the rocks and stones this lake makes one of the fascinating aspects of Bandarban.

Golden Temple:
Shorno or Golden Temple is a Buddhist temple. This temple includes a huge status of Buddha. Locals call this temple as the Kyang. This Dhatu Jati is important for Theravada Buddhism followers. Mostly Mogh and Marma tribal people are found here. The entire Bandarban is dominated by this ethnic group.

The temple started constructing in 1995 and was fully done in 2000. The temple has a tiny pond that is named as “The Pond of Angles”. Being sitted on top of the hill, this temple is able to maintain serenity and offers a magnificent view of the neighbouring places.

Maghla Parjatan:
This is another amazing spot visited by many local and internal tourists throughout the year. People generally never miss the chance to visit this place and observe the magnificence of this place. The hanging bridge available here is the major attraction of the tourists. The mini Safari park along with a zoo that includes some of the wild animals can be seen here.

If you love to do different activities then definitely boating will intrigue you. The artificial lake in this place is an ideal place for boating. Various picnics are arranged here where the families visit and enjoy the beauty along with the wild animals. If you are going in a tour to Bangladesh and have Bandarban in your list, then never miss to spend some time in this location.

Bandarban is definitely a place with numerous tourists spot. Undoubtedly the beauty and serenity of this place attracts the people from the different parts of the world. It is also from the few places where trekkers can be seen. Hence you love adventure; Bandarban can again fulfil your needs. Staying at this beautiful location will show the magnificence of nature.

How to reach Bandarban

By Bus: The best way to travel from Dhaka to Bandarban is by bus. Bus services are available from different Bus Stand in Dhaka, which takes about 6 to 8 hours to reach Bandarban. Chittagong (Chattagram), a well-known city near Bandarban, which is well connected to all corners of Bangladesh. Regular bus service is easily available between Dhaka and Chittagong. To reach Bandarban from Chittagong, you have to travel by bus for two more hours, and the bus will be available from Bardar Hat bus stand at Chittagong. Book your travel ticket early in the peak season.

By Rail: Rail services are available between Dhaka and Chittagong. After reach at Chittagong take a bus journey or hire a car to reach Bandarban.

By Air: Chittagong is the nearest Airport to Bandarban. Some domestic operator (Bangladesh Biman, United Airways, Regent Air, or Novo Air) have regular flights between Dhaka and Chittagong. The lone international airport in Bangladesh is situated in Dhaka.

By Jeep for Local Sightseeing: Jeeps, Land Rovers and Land Cruisers are available from Jeep Stand at Bandarban. Before book it simply bargain the rate, forget about their crying about fixed rate. Autos (locally called CNG) are also available for local tour.

NOTE: Foreigners required extra permission to visiting into the three Chittagong Hill Tracts districts – Rangamati, Khagrachhari, and Bandarban. So, they can apply for a permit prior to one month. And for all non-Bangladeshi citizen are request to register their details at Police Station (Thana), once entered in Bandarban.

So, if you want to spend amazing time in a spectacular location, Bandarban in Bangladesh is the ideal tour location.