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When it’s Bangladesh, obviously we all have heard of the Dhaka city. This is the capital and the largest city in Bangladesh welcoming thousands of visitors every year from the different corners of the world. You will be surprised to know that Dhaka is from the most populated cities in the entire world. Approximately seventy million people live in this Dhaka City and which is why it is known as the heart of the nation. This capital city is located on the east of Buriganga River. Till 1983, this place was known as Dacca and Bengal’s Mughal capital. During the 17th century, it was popular as Jahangir Nagar. This was the core region for the worldwide silk and muslin trading.

The capital city of Bangladesh is standing in the heart and in an area of three hundred square kilometres. Being fully crowded with people, this city has its own chaos. It will be overwhelming for people who are coming from the foreign countries. Beyond the colourful aspect, this city holds some of the amazing treasures that give excitement while you explore. It is marked as the cultural, religious and socially rich place in Bangladesh. Exploring the streets of Dhaka and finding the rich cultural panorama will keep you fascinated throughout.

The Cultural Heritages in Dhaka

Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban:
National Parliament House or the Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban was designed by an American architect “Louis Kahn”. It is a worthy monument to have a look at and the political power behind these walls. You will be surprised to see its gigantic structure and is from the biggest legislative complexes present in the world today. Whether you consider the location or the scale, the monumental design made by Kahn is visually stunning. It seems like this building that holds the power of this country arise from the most as it is surrounded by the lake.

Lalbagh Fort:
This is the incomplete complex which was not completed during the 17th century and was originally built back in the 1678 AD. Subahdar Muhammad Shah was the main personality behind constructing this fort. This Lalbagh Fort stands as the remains of the Mughal rule. Situated in the southwest side of old Dhaka on Buriganga River, this fort seems outstanding. This amazing historical construction has gardens and grounds on it that resembles like the oasis of peace among the city streets. This magnificent fort includes the domes and minarets of the Mughal architecture.

Liberation War Museum:
This is situated in Segunbagicha which honours the Liberation war that took place during Bangladesh formation. Here you will be observing range of images and educational information about the conflict, artefacts along with followed by refugee crisis. This Museum gives a complete insight into the trouble that people faced during this period along with there are some graphic displays which requires strong heart. The mementos of the people who lost their lives during the conflict will move your soul. Exploring the Liberation war museum will offer a moving experience about the loss of life that took place.

Shankaria Bazaar / Hindu Street:
You will be amazed to know that this is a 300year old place of Hindi community in Dhaka. The vibrant and colourful place is a trailer of commercial life in Old Dhaka. You will find the artisanal tradition. With alleys filled with small workshops of craftsmen and artisans, you can have a look at the making of everything that includes kites to jewellery and much more. Some of the descendants of Hindu residents and their tradition are taken from one generation to other. You will never get bored of the exciting atmosphere of this bazaar.

Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque:
If you are a history bug, you are definitely aware that Dhaka is the “City of Mosques” and Khan Mohammad is a resemblance of it. This archaeological site is well preserved which generally cannot be seen in order religious structures. It reveals the architectural style and religious practices that used to take place during the 17th and 18th century. As the name goes, this famous structure was made by Khan Mohammad Mridha during the 1704-05 AD. This has an amazing tahkhana rooms which needs to be reached by series of steps. The city which is a region of Mosques, this Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque holds its own place. It’s unique and historical significance makes it a must visit place for the visitors.

Armenian Church:
This is a surprising fact both due the unique and historical architecture. This Armenian Church present in Dhaka is a resemblance of existence of Armenian community. This construction was made back in 1781 and which is the only remains of the community. They found the refuge in Bengal in order to get rid of the Persian persecution. During the 17th century, they arrived and started trading with the merchants of Bengal. Even when Armenian community is dispersed, the church still is there as the reminiscent of the Armenian community.

The Ahsan Manzil:
If you want to have a look at the aristocrat life of Bangladesh along with escape the crowds, you definitely need to visit the Ahsan Manzil. This is the pink palace which previously was home to the Nawab family of Dhaka. The Nawabs were ruler of this city for a long time from 19th to the early 20th century. The construction was made 1869 along with is a known paradigm of Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture. This is now a known museum which has its cultural and political significance in the city.

What Else Can you do In Dhaka?

Well, definitely the city has a lot of things to show and which will last almost till the end of your trip. So meanwhile taking a look at the beautiful construction of this city, you have enjoy some of the common activities opted by everyone.

Boat Ride: As we have already mentioned Buriganga which is a famous and vibrant river is also a known place for boat rides. It is a busy river as you will find the passenger boats, small engine boats, cargo boats along with the tiny little wooden boats. It provides a great experience to everyone who wants a boat ride and take a look at the nearby beauty. This provides a great experience to the couples who want to enjoy quality time away from the crowd.

Taste of Locals: Apart from the cultural heritage of the place, Biriyani is the next popular food in Dhaka. Whether it is old Dhaka or the New, biriyani is their only food. The locals never get bored of having biriyani almost 3 times a day. This is the preparation that was invented by the Mughals and is still known and favourite among the people.

It is a combination of quality rice, spices and meat. Once you have it, you can feel the waves in your taste buds. People from the different corners of the world enjoy this famous dish which tastes like heaven.

Marketing: As we have mentioned about the Hindu Street which is a bazzar, you can find some of the authentic handmade things from here, you can also find unique things for sale in the Chawk Bazar, Bongshal Bazar, Begum Bazar and much more. You will fall in love with the place due to the colours and varieties.

With numerous attractions starting from the local food to the culturally rich places to some of the ancient and priceless architecture to the modern lifestyle, Dhaka is a city that holds diversity in it. Due to the many things and places in Bangladesh, you can stay assured that your tour is going to an exciting and memorable one. Dhaka is a place for all starting from foodies, to photographers, and to historians.

So just get your tickets booked and watch the diversity of Dhaka City.