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Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

Unbroken sandy beach with perfect blue colored water gently washing your feet makes a great tourist destination. The world has so many wonderful beaches, and from which, one of the distinguished sandy beaches is the Cox’s Bazar Beach. With tourist crowding the place probably every time of the year, there is no best time to visit. The emerald blue water of the Bay of Bengal is looks picture perfect when moonlight falls on it. The long beach is great for walking with your dear ones and forgets your daily chores.

This place is a known tourist spot for 20 years now. With motels, guest houses and hotels, this beach never fails to find accommodation for the tourists. Good food and great ambience are what this place is known for. Even after 20 years when everything is the same, the place has been transformed into a fascinating tourist city. Now it invites more number of international visitors due to the availability of hotels and various recreational activities.

This is the largest sea beach in the world that stretches over 120km. One can view the entire sea beach on a motorbike. During the month of November to early March, this beach stays extremely very busy. If you are someone who is seeking for a quiet environment, then for you April to September is the best time to visit.

Now with the many three star and five star hotels, it has become an excellent choice for international tourists. You have the options to choose hotels as per your budget. Just visit with your dearest one and enjoy the beach just by staying at your place.

So what else does Cox’s Bazar Beach have to offer? Almost everything, which is you wish to in one word. This 120 km golden beach can easily be roamed with a motorbike. There are several beaches available in the 120 km golden Cox’s Bazar Beach.

Attractions in Cox’s Bazar

Laboni Beach:
Laboni beach is among the busiest beach which is closer restaurants, hotels along with various other facilities along with the city. You can observe tourists throughout the beach. You can find a huge market around the beach especially on its entrance consisting of several stalls, different other kinds of products like homemade crafts and clothes, jewelries, pearls and much more. Some of the stalls are available that offer mouth-watering seafood and other local dishes.

Himchari Beach:
Himchari beach is a popular and beautiful spot known for the beach along with the naturally bordered hills across the beach. You can also find the many wonderful and small waterfalls on the beach. If you want a great picnic spot or looking for a spectacular backdrop for your photo shoot, then this is undeniably a great location. You will find several restaurants here preparing a number of delicious dishes and other local foods known by the tourists. Even at staying within your budget you can enjoy the delicacy of this place. Some of the tiny caves are present that becomes a great way to explore. Also, the hills are generally climbed as a recreational activity. Visiting here will never make you feel tired as the place has many things to offer along with a natural park as well. Just keep exploring and enjoying.

Inani Beach:
Inani beach is a known sea beach in the area of Cox’s Bazar. You will find that the beach is wide enough, clean and extremely very quiet. The blue coloured water of this beach makes it look like those of pictures. It is a known honeymoon destination as one can enjoy their privacy. Even when the beach is visited by both local and international tourists throughout the year, the tranquil ambience makes it a great place for romance. Because of clean and tidy water, it is a great spot for bathing and picnic. If you like eco-tourism, you can find several eco tourist spots. Moreover, the other budget friendly and 5-star hotels can also be seen here.

The sandy beach of Cox’s Bazar becomes a great backdrop for the photographers. Not only the sea is the only thing to be photographed, but also the lush green forests in the high hills will make fill your mind and heart with never-ending delight. If you are lucky, you might observe elephants along with some other hilly animals.

Things to Do

Even when you visit the beach several times, the enticing beauty will never make you feel bored. Flat and wide with a gentle slope of the beach gives it a perfect landscape. Undoubtedly swimming is the main attraction of this beach as the water is completely clean, wavy and shark-free. If you keep walking towards the South, you will find the blue hue gets even more prominent. It is a photographers’ paradise as the beauty and serenity are worth capturing.

Further, towards the south, you can find wonderful canals. If you are someone who loves to sit at one place and enjoy the beauty of that specific place during that particular point, then it is an ideal spot. Make sure you sit and watch the sunset of the place. The spectacular sunrays when it tends to go down, it tends to transform the sea into a wonderful landscape.

Moreover, if you like to taste different types of foods of the place, then again ox’s Bazar has it all. You will find numerous food stalls offering some of the delicious dishes that are different from a lot of aspects. Whether the taste or the preparation or the garnishing, everything about the food is a resemblance of the place.

Cox’s Bazar Beach is definitely a great place to spend with your family and friends. If you just want to go solo, or with your family or with your dearest ones, you will be offered with apt accommodation. You can enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones and enjoy the tranquility and magnificence of the place at the same time.

So, what are you waiting for? Just get your tickets booked to the mesmerizing Cox’s Bazar Beach of Bangladesh and discover the exceptionality of this place.