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When it comes to enjoying the scenic magnificence of Bangladesh, Rangamati is probably the first name to hit on the mind of the tourists. The entire place resemblance like those of the fairytale landscapes with lush greenery, blue water, and waterfalls. The waterfall coming down the distant hills is enough to refresh you from a tiresome trek or travel. Nature is at its best in this specific region. Your eyes will be filled with greenery, your system will get filled with pure oxygen and your mind will never feel the same rejuvenated with the jaw-dropping looks of the entire place. You can find the blue sky with and bluish-green water surrounding you.

Rangamati is a spectacular location especially for the people who are tired of the hectic city life. As far as your eyes can reach, you will only find blue sky, green hills, emerald green water. On the hills, you will find the cultivated Joom crops, curvy roads, tribal houses and undoubtedly the magnificent surrounding. This is a land blessed with green and blue which never fails to freshen you up with its fresh air.

Rangamati is a part of Chittagong Hill. It is a place with over five lakh Bangalees and eleven tribal groups. The beautiful place is bordered by Bandarban District from its South, Tripura from its North, Mizoram, and Chin from East and Chittagong a Khagrachari from the West. This is the district that borders two countries Myanmar and India.

The entire place is a destination housing to several spectacular beauty of nature. With its beauty, this has become one of the most popular tourists’ destinations. Its beauty is what incites the tourists from different parts of the world. Not only you get to see the heavenly beauty but also the simple lifestyle of the locals.

Let us find out the top few must-visit destinations in Rangamati.

Nearby Attractions in Rangamati

Kaptai Lake:
There is no doubt that Rangamati is a known tourist destination in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. People visit this location to enjoy the magnificent view of the Kaptai Lake. This is the largest artificial lake in the country and was made in 1960 for the purpose of hydroelectricity. The entire lake is surrounded with islands that look unbelievably awesome. You can have a close view of these hills if you opt for a boat trip. It is a great way to spend the entire day.

This manmade lake in south-eastern Bangladesh was made to construct the Kaptai Dam. With an average depth of 100 feet and a maximum of 490 feet, this lake becomes something to explore. Since it was made by the lain lands and inundating valleys, it actually has now become a beautiful location to visit.

Hanging Bridge:
In Bengali, the hanging bridge is called Jhulonto Bridge. This is a popular tourist attraction. The bridge was being made to cross the Kaptai Lake. The total length of this bridge is almost 335 feet and is the major icon of the entire Rangamati. This is a photographers’ destination as by standing on the middle of this bridge, one can acquire the spectacular never-ending Kaptai Lake and the dotted islands surrounding it. It has now become a known tourist spot.

Kaptai National Park:
Kaptai Nation Park is located between Kaptai mountain and Karnaphuly. The park was created back in 1999 and has an area of 5,464.78 hectares. This park houses to some of the rare and old trees which were planted back in 1873. Moreover, it also has different wildlife in it like the jungle cat, monkey, deer, elephant and much more. You can also observe numerous species of birds and altogether becomes a great place for both nature lovers and wildlife photographers. To make it convenient for the tourists, the founders of forest have now created picnic spots along with many restaurants.

It is a great place for spending time and taking some of the amazing pictures of the animals and birds.

Shuvolong Waterfalls:
This is a beautiful place in the Barkol sub-district. This amazing location is at a distance of 25km from the Rangamati town. When you will find a beautiful waterfall coming down from the hills and greenery across you, your mind will automatically forget the stress. The height of the waterfall is 300feet and seems extremely pleasant to the eyes. Within the past few years, this place has started facing more demand from tourists. You can easily hire a sped boat and roam across the location to enjoy the splendor of the waterfalls.

Sajek Valley:
Sajek Valley is located at the northern angle of the Rangamati which is near Mizoram border. This beautiful valley is almost 1800ft in height from the sea level. There are several small rivers in this region that flows from the hills. The prime minorities of the region are Pankua, Chakma, Lushai, Tripura, and Marma. This is renowned as the hill queen due to exceptional natural beauty. The place near this valley, Marishsha is a known location. Here you will observe that most of the houses are constructed with bamboo. If you visit this location, you will stay amused watching the beauty along with the orange orchard.

There is no doubt that the entire place is filled with natural beauty. No matter wherever you look you will find that the place is blessed with greenery and nature’s most astonishing splendor. There are various others nearby locations that can keep on surprising you with its beauty. So if you are planning to go for a Bangladesh tour, then don’t forget to write this name on the tour list. Your eyes will not be able to believe the magnificence of this place.

So get your backpack ready, make your list and set out to see some of the astonishing creations and beauty of nature.