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St. Martin's Island

Bangladesh is a nation with several tourist spots. Whether you love the mountains or the lush greenery or the exotic beaches, this nation has everything to suffice your endless requirements. One of those amazing locations that need to take a place in your wish list is Saint Martin Island. This is a known travel destination in Bangladesh that invites tourists from the different corners of the world.

This island is filled with the coral reefs or Blue Ocean and is popular for its eternal serenity. Here you will not find a single motor vehicle and after 11 pm this entire island becomes dark due to electrical blackout. This is the prime reason how nature is still unpolluted and breathable here. You can sit on the beach in the dark and watch the sky with stars, deep Blue Ocean accompanying you an entire silence.

Although the Island invites people throughout the world, winter is the most preferred season when the sea stays calm. And you will always find fishing boats across the sea along with various adventure lovers. During the rainy season, the crazy waves raging are something great to observe.

Attractions and Activities

Saint Martin Island is known for its numerous activities. Once you have known about this Saint Martin Island, you need to know the other things that you can do here along with the nearby attractions. You can definitely enjoy here but don’t expect some crazy activities like Langkawi or Phuket or Pattaya. But then again this place has a lot of things to offer.

So let us see what other things can be done here:

Feel the tranquility of Bay of Bengal: One of the most availed and attractive experience here that you will find each and every time the beach is able to retain its serenity. Since there is no external crowds, no vehicles, no disturbances, you will get more time to spend time with nature. To make sure that visitors can stay relaxed, benches are provided with an umbrella to help you enjoy the beach. You can sit here 3 times a day which is during sunset, sunrise and during midnight. The peace of this area is something that makes it different from other places.

Beach Cycling: Since motor vehicles are not allowed, you can always hire a cycle by spending a minimal amount and take a look at the beach. With a cycle, you can easily get a view of the beach. It will take 2 hours to have a look at the entire island. Moreover, if you love photography, cycling is ideal for you want to capture the beauty of this place from different angles. This beach is very safe and therefore, you do not need to worry if you own any expensive equipment.

Fish Barbeque Party: If you love fishes or if you want to try the local taste, then definitely have to try the fish barbeque party. You can definitely get chick and beef here, but it is mostly recommended to choose sea fishes as these are really cheap and unbelievably delicious. These types of barbeque party mostly can be seen during dark when the electricity goes out. The locals will arrange a barbeque and you can enjoy the delicacy of this place sitting by the tranquil seashore.

Chhera Dwip: The most significant and magnificent part of this island is the Chhera Dwip. This is the coal riff close to the Saint Martin Island. During tides, a boat is the only medium to reach the place but otherwise, you can reach by cycling. It will take an approx of 30 to 40 minutes in a cycle and 2 hours by foot.

You can avail various other options like the speedboat. Yes, speed boating is also done here and it will take 15 minutes. You and your family can visit this other serene location. You can just sit here for hours and enjoy the beauty of the place. If you reach before sunset, you can observe the beautiful sunset from this place.

Shopping: You will find several stores across the beach. You can find many Burmese products from here available at a very cheap rate. Since this island is surrounding Myanmar, the locals generally bring these products. Some of the most famous items are cosmetics, handmade ornaments, pickles, and dried fish.

Bottom Line:
Undoubted the Saint Martin Island is a place for tourists but also it is a place for solo travelers who want to spend beautiful time with nature. Watching the blue ocean and the blue sky while the Sun is there, the stunning sunset and the darkness of the place with stars twinkling and listening to the sound of the saves is what makes a beautiful tour.

So when you are planning to visit Bangladesh, don’t forget to visit the serene Saint Martin Island.