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Climate of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a different climate in different parts. Towards the central north, it has a subtropical climate and towards the south, it has a tropical temperature. From the month of November to February, the weather is truly pleasant with sunny winter and pleasantly warm, and between the months of Match and May, you will find hot spring in this nation. From the months of June to October, the nation enjoys the rainy season. With flatlands and mostly occupied by the great Ganges – Brahmaputra Delta, the nation has an immense chance of floods and strong surges if cyclones start hitting the Bay of Bengal.


The dry season in Bangladesh is from the month of November to March. If you are visiting this part of the year, you should keep in mind that it will be really very dry. October is generally blessed with rain but tends to leave in the same month. However, sometime it might last till November towards the South-east or during the arrival of the cyclone. In general, November remains hot which is not that much that runs up to 30°C (86°F) with Sun on its full rage. Winter actually comes in the month of December with sunny and warm days and cool nights. Towards the north especially in the Rangpur and Saidpur, January remains very cold and the temperature lowers down to 11°C and max to 23°C.

Towards Central Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka which is the capital of this nation, the temperature generally remains much higher which is 13°C and 25°C during daytime.

Towards the south coast of this region, the temperature during the night is a bit higher due to the presence of the sea.

During the winter season especially from the months of December to February, the north wind might bring cold winds during the night time which makes the temperature go around 3°C and 10°C Celsius towards Dhaka and Central Southern region.

During the month of February, the temperature gradually starts rising and in March, the hot time finally arrives. Spring is from March to May which is the hottest seasons with average temperature revolving around 35°C. In the coastal region due to thermal inertia, the temperature remains high in May. The northern part has 42°C to 43°C, Dhaka, and the Central part stays 40°C and the Southern part shares 37°C to 38°C. The humidity increases gradually with time. During this season thunderstorms are often seen coming from Himalayan Ranges which are known as the Northwestern. This brings rain, hail, and storm with it.


Monsoon arrives from the month of May or early June and starts from the South-eastern side. High humidity, compact coldness, frequent rains are some of the common things that can be seen during this time. Sometime the temperature might decrease to 30°C during daytime while remain high during the night which is 25°C. Southern coast faces a good amount of rainfall especially towards the southeast which is along Cox’s Bazar. Sylhet has rainfall during the months of July which is 800 mm, Chittagong 750 mm, Teknaf 1000mm and Cox’s Bazar up to 900 mm.

West part of this area feels less with annual rainfall 1500 mm to 1600 mm, especially in the Jessore, Rajshahi, and Pabna. The precipitation in Dhaka is almost 2100 mm. Chittagong which is on the Eastern Side receives 2900 mm.


Due to the dry season, the sun shines with the full speed whereas during the June – September which is monsoon rain can be hardly seen. Sea temperature has warmth throughout. During the winter season, the temperature drops to a range of 24°C.

Tropical Cyclones

Bangladesh is a nation that is highly vulnerable to the tropical cyclones that generally comes from the Bay of Bengal. This usually can be seen from mid-April to early December. Generally, these cyclones are at their full intensity both towards the end and beginning of the period from May to June and October to November.

Best Time To Visit Bangladesh

If you are thinking to visit Bangladesh, the best time in the winters which is in between December and February. Typically, during the months of November along with the first half of December, one can get pleasant weather. During the months of March and April, a thunderstorm can be very intense which occurs mostly in the evening and afternoon and generally it is very hot during this time.

Just like any other countries, Bangladesh also has different seasons. But being vulnerable to the thunderstorm, it might be a problem for the inhabitants at times. However, due to advancement, nowadays several measures are being taken to prevent severe damages.

So if you are thinking to visit this nation, hopefully, this will become pretty much helpful for you to understand the right time. Enjoy your trip to Bangladesh.