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Boga Lake

Bangladesh has a lot of beautiful places to visit and Boga Lake is one of them that is known for its indescribable splendor. This is also popular as Bagakain Lake. This beautiful lake is located at a distance of 18 kilometers from Bandarban. The entire area is 15 acres which consist of the lake located at 3,000 feet above the sea level. The watercolor is completely blue and looks undoubtedly extremely very nice.

This lake has many mythological stories associated with it behind its creation. Many local and international tourists make sure to visit this lake during the winter time when the place looks extremely breathtaking. You will be finding the many small tribal communities presents there namely Khumi, Bawn who are living just beside this lake. Since it is still a virgin place, the way from Ruma to Bagakain is still under construction.

In your visit to this breathtaking location, delight and pleasure are awaiting you. You can also choose to enjoy bonfire beside the lake and enjoy a serene evening under the moonlight with your friends and family.

Boga Lake: A Blend of Beauty & Pleasure

Boga lake is the blend of pleasure and beauty in Bandarban. Since nature lovers are always dwelling in thirst of getting some more to awaken their inner thrill, this is an ideal location for people to enjoy the real intriguing beauty of nature. Nature has bestowed this amazing place in Bangladesh with overwhelming views. This is the source of wonder, the place for nature lovers and travelers along with unending nature’s beauty.

This is the place for the adventure travelers who are in need to satisfy their heart needs and fill the extreme joy of nature. This is the natural lake of Bangladesh present at the highest point. Even if you try to find other alternatives of this lake, there are no other names that can provide you the unending pleasure that Boga Lake can give. Its beauty not only attracts the tourists of Bangladesh but also people from the different corners of the world are magnetized to this area to have a look at this beauty through their own eyes.

Origin of Boga Lake

This name “Boga Lake” was originated from the domestic mythological stories. The local word Boga means fire or dragon. Some of the supernatural stories have made this name as it is believed that this was the lake where ancient dragons used to accommodate and therefore the name comes as Boga Lake.

According to the Anthropologists, Boga Lake is said as it is 2000 years old hill enveloped in the natural beauty of Bandarban. You will be finding high bamboo bushes from all the three sides bordered by the mountain peaks. The rectangular funnel shape is something that is generally that attracts the tourists. It is said that the lake in 38 meters deep.

Boga Lake Mirror View

The attraction and magnificence of Boga Lake is the change of color. The lake color changes due to sun rays, humidity, and clouds. It is also said that the hot spring exists at the bottom of this lake. Moreover, different seasons show different colors. Generally, you will find an extraordinary mirror clear view with the blue shade that looks like a pearl.

Boga Lake Nature

As mentioned before its nature is its attraction. It’s extremely serene and magnificent to spend time here. Even when the chemical experts have said that the water is not appropriate for growing plants and fishes, many locals claim to drink this water and grow planktons. While this still remains a mystery, travelers in the meantime can definitely take a hot bath and enjoy nature to the fullest.

The Mystery

The supernatural belief associated with Boga Lake persists due to its strange specialty. This lake never dries and also there is no permanent source of water supply as up in the hills there are no waterfalls. However, during the months of April to May, this transparent water gets muddy. Such supernatural characteristics of this lake keep the supernatural stories alive in the hearts of the locals.

There is no hesitation that this lake has become a place that is compared to heaven due to its unparallel beauty. This is the reason why despite its hard communication system, this lake still attracts hundreds of tourists from the locals and international countries. If you also want to enjoy the magnificence of nature, then get your tickets booked for Boga Lake and enjoy the unexplainable beauty of this place.