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Bangladesh is a nation with some of the spectacular locations hiding in its corner. Among the various mesmerizing locations in this nation, Jaflong is one of such destinations that attract both local and international tourists. This is situated towards the north-eastern part of this nation on India-Bangladesh border. Generally people visit this place for a day on their tour from Sylhet – the nearby biggest location.

The major things to see for the local tourists are its wonderful hills which are situated in Meghalaya India. People can have a look at the mesmerizing view where standing on the soil of Bangladesh they can acquire the spectacular view of Meghalaya hills in India. Even when locals look for this, for the foreigners, their prime attractions are different from this.

Jaflong is one such destination that consists of several waterfalls which are on the Meghalaya hills. The water of this falls creates a river which is known as Plain that flows to Bangladesh. Along with the water of this fall, it also brings several stones with it. The locals generally gather these beautiful stones from the Plain River and make their day even more interesting. With the range of other activities that can be done here, foreigners find this place highly interesting.

These stones are further taken to the main city, crushed in order to use for constructional purpose. With range of attractions here in Jaflong itself, tourists stay busy most of the day. Let us check out the prime tourist attractions of Jaflong.

Places To Visit In Jaflong

Zero Point:
This is a no-mans destination in India-Bangladesh border. From here you can acquire a clear and picturesque view of Meghalayan hills situated in India from Bangladesh. The most breathtaking view is the path from where River Plain arrives. The view is absolutely stunning. Just a few yards ahead towards the Indian side you will find a bridge differentiating two hills is the most stunning pictures available of Jaflong.

In low tide, one can easily access the place on their feet. However in monsoon as the water level is higher, you need to hire a boat which is easily available in the monsoons.

Sengram Punji Waterfalls:
This is another waterfall that can be seen on the Meghalaya hills which is located 700 meters towards the west. In the dry season, one can easily cross this river either by walking or on boat. During high water level, you can always avail the boating service to reach this place. Even when it is located in India, tourists can always climb the waterfall. During the monsoon the place looks dreamy and spectacular.

Sengram Punji Khasia Village:
This is a village which is home to the tribals of this place. You will find the Khasia tribal here. Their only work is to grow betel nuts and leaves. Each and every house that you see here has its unique design and way different from how we live. This village is located just on the opposite side of the famous waterfall. As usual during the dry season the place is accessible.

Jaflong Bridge:
Everything about this place is unique and different from others. Even the Jaflong Bridge which is recently constructed is a great place for the photographers. You can capture breathtaking view of the River plain along with the Meghalaya hills from India bordering it. It is calm and serene location to be spent with your dearest people.

Stone Collection:
Unlike everywhere else where kids are generally fond of collecting stones, here you will find people are collective stones as it is a business in Jaflong. Almost more than half of people living this location are somehow associated with stone collecting activities.

Some might collect from the river, some people buy and then sell them to the companies and then these companies use these stones to create beautiful piece which can be used for constructional purpose. You can also collect some if you wish to in case it is not illegal.

Best Time To Visit

If you love natural beauty and if you want to see how nature binds us together Jaflong in Bangladesh can show you. Its natural beauty is beyond words to explain. People visit this location throughout the year but in order to get the best view of the place, monsoon is the right time which is from July to September. However, if you are a photography buff or love stone collecting, winter can be the right time which is from October to May.

Jaflong is a place for people who want to spend time doing nothing and just to sit and enjoy the beauty of the nature. It is truly spectacular and which is why this has become a photographers’ destinations. Thousands of nature lovers and photography buffs come here to click some of the best pictures.

So if you want to observe this tiny treasure, book your tickets today.