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Bhutan is a known tourist spot with hundreds of fascinating places to visit. From the many known tourist spots, Gasa is one destination alone with so many mesmerizing spots. This beautiful destination is located along the northern part of the country with the least population. The district falls within Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Park making it great for nature trips.

Being located at a high altitude of 1,500 to 4,500 meters, this stunning destination has become one of the most-visited destinations in Bhutan. The valley is known for its surreal views and is renowned for the nature lovers. You will find the nomadic tribe in this valley along with their laidback lifestyle by Yak herding. You will be mesmerized witnessing the Yak butter and cheese production.

Gasa is not only a place for the nature lovers as it has some of the highest peaks which make it known for Laya Lunana Trek and Snowman Treks. You will be finding multiple Himalayan glacier lakes. Since it falls under the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Park, you will be privileged to find some of the rare species of flora and fauna like Takin, Snow Leopard, Mountain Goats, Takin, Blue poppy, and Blue Sheep.

When it comes to the climate, this magnificent valley has experiences short amazing summers and long cold winters. Finding these fascinating aspects by holding the hands of your partner a truly provide a lifetime experience.

Attractions and Places to See

Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Park:
As mentioned above, you will be able to witness the national park on your visit to Gasa. This is among the largest protected areas in entire Bhutan. You will be able to find this area once you cross the Kabesa village from Punakha. With a huge number of animals and plants which are from the endangered list can be seen in this part of Bhutan. Remember to take your camera and capture the shots of rare species.

On your way to Gasa, you will be finding this park. This is a thick forest containing rhododendrons, walnut trees, oaks, hemlocks, and oaks. If you are someone from the metro city, you will love to find these trees and the purity of nature here. Also, be ready with your camera, as the forest is going to show you some of the beers, leopards, musk deer, wild takins, mountain goats, and beers.

It is the most common and most visited location in Gasa. So never miss visiting this amazing location.

Takin in Wild:
Takin is the national animal of Bhutan which resembles like a mountain goat, but its body resembles like a cow. As per Zoology, this is a wild animal. In Thimphu, you will find a completely different picture as they preserve them for breed conservation purpose and Ethology.

However, if you want to see these animals in the wild, you need to visit Gasa. As soon as you enter this territory, you will be welcomed with Takins!

Picturesque Damji Village:
Damji village is another known place that you can visit in Gasa. If you don’t want to stay in hotels and would love to enjoy a very laidback experience, opting for a homestay in Damji village cam be memorable. You will be having a lifetime experience, as the people here are very interactive and friendly.

Moreover, this village has a role in Bhutan history. As per the locals, this place is also the house of the ancestors. The historical aspects make it count among the favorite tourist spots beyond its picturesque views.

Gasa Dzong Viewpoints:
Within a few distances from the Damji village, you will find a tiny stupa or Chorten. As per the locals, this was the place which used to be the only location for resting while on their way from Punakha to Gasa.

The place is known for offering a great distant view of the popular Gasa Dzong. During the winters, when the climate is great, you will be able to obtain great views of Gasa Dzong. The best part is when you view this you will find amazing snow-capped mountains on its backdrop. If you are a photography enthusiast, it is a paradise for you.

Gasa Tshachu (Hot Springs):
As per the Bhutanese, as soon as you reach Gasa and return without visiting Gasa Tshachu, then it is more like returning back from the land of jewels empty-handed. Now you might be thinking why they tell like this? The reason is that it is a great place that you would love to visit in Gasa. The natural beauty of the place is what makes them a tourist spot.

Now due to its demand, the government has made many guest houses so that you can enjoy the place by staying in the place.

Bottom Line: Gasa in Bhutan has some of the outstanding places that you should definitely visit. Honeymoon always needs to be very romantic and a serene place where you get more alone time to spend with your partner and Gasa in Bhutan can definitely become the final place to visit. Serenity and tranquility of the place are mostly known among the visitors.

So what are thinking? Get your tickets booked for Gasa in Bhutan and make your honeymoon even more special.