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Are you planning your honeymoon trip? If you are thinking to plan your honeymoon but have not decided yet on the destination, Bhutan is undoubtedly the place for you. With its stunning natural beauty, Bhutan has become one of the major tourist spots for the people. From the many destinations in Bhutan, Samtse is a place in Bhutan that shares the border area with Haa and Chukha. Also, this place is located close to Sikkim and West Bengal from India.

As this place is located away from any commercial part or the capital city, this place is least travelled by people. This untouched land offers some of the mesmerizing views of nature. Mostly the residents of this place you will find here.

If you are thinking that this has nothing special to have a look at and therefore it attracts fewer visitors, then you are entirely wrong. This is the destination for travel enthusiasts. It is a hub for a range of traditions, cultures along with people from different walks of life. The diversity is celebrated by the people. This tiny place holds its beauty in its own possible ways.

With fewer tourists, you get more space to spend time in a serene place with least chaos. This place might be small compared to others, but it holds some of the stunning destinations that are worth paying a look.

Hindu Mandir:
This is the Hindu Shivalaya mandir where the only deity is Lord Shiva. This is the first ever Hindu temple in Bhutan. The temple offers the house for the devotees to pray, and this is also the most iconic structure in the Dzongkhag.

You will get to see a lot in this mandir, as this mandir is the only place in Bhutan that is built with the carved sandstone. As per the locals, the material of this temple and its statue were built from Rajasthan India which was offered as a gift. The temple is located below the Samtse Khorlo Chorten and is in the centre of the town. This makes it one of the most popular places in Samtse and a significant tourist attraction.

Attractions and Places to See

Daina Suspension Bridge:
Now, this is something that will give you adrenalin rush as this suspension bridge is more than 160 meters long. If you live in a city and thinking that what’s the big deal in a bridge, then certainly you have to try it once in your lifetime. The best way to make you understand about its length is you will not be able to capture the entire length of the bridge in a single frame. Even when it is strong because of its iron frame but the wooden planks laid on its floor makes it look fascinating.

You can drive a car from this bridge, but the crackling sound of the wood will definitely excite you. If you have a weak heart, then certainly it will make your heart pump even more. As there is a pond beneath the bridge, you might feel a bit terrified of falling down. For the photographer, it is definitely a great spot as, during sunrise and sunset, the place looks absolutely amazing.

Samtse Khorlo Chorten:
Just above the famous Hindu Temple mentioned above, you will find the Buddhist temple just beside it. It has a gigantic quiet compound which becomes an ideal place to spend with your friends and families. Since the place is embellished with the large green trees, you can just sit beneath the trees and enjoy the peace.

Spending time here with your dear ones can be memorable as you both can enjoy spending time talking to each other and knowing about more about both of you. The structure you find here was constructed by the local residents and business people in the year 2015 as the 60thanniversary of the K4 of Bhutan.

Tendu Community Temple:
One of the most common ways of going Tendu is via car which will reach to Sipsu, and from there you can easily visit Tendu. On its way, you will be delighted to find villages, Indian river and mesmerizing waterfalls along with eventually get to visit Tendu Community Temple. This temple is situated just a few meters above the road.

Since it is located on top of the hill, you can get stunning views of the places nearby it like Biru and Bara in Samtse Bhutan. This is again a viewpoint for the landscape photographers. With a huge number of Buddhist religious statues, it attracts several devotees from the different parts of the world.

Rather than planning to visit other parts of the world, it is always great to find a place where nature has blessed with all its beauty. Again Bhutan is a land of photographers and honeymoon couples, but from the many places in Bhutan, Samtse is one of the exceptional locations that hold some of the finest of views. Well, you can plan to visit the location at any time of the year, but autumn season is so far the best time to be able to enjoy the scenic beauty along with roaming around the places without feeling hot or cold.

So get your tickets ready today for Samtse Bhutan and enjoy alone time with your partner in a stunning location.