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Are you planning to spend a romantic honeymoon on an isolated destination? You might have too many choices, but have you considered Bumthang from Bhutan? If no, then consider visiting this destination with your partner. Bumthang is also known as Switzerland of East. The lush green countryside, silvery snow-capped mountains, fascinating mountain streams, vast open valleys and the simple lifestyle make it feel and look like Switzerland.

Along with the fantastic nature, this place also holds a number of amazing monasteries and temples that offers a tour to the spiritual world. It has its charm and that sets it different from other parts of Bhutan. The religious legend surrounding this place holds a deep impact on this land. Visiting this sacred site with your beloved partner might become different but can definitely bless you both to spend a happy life together.

By Vladimir Sazonov - private collection by //, CC BY-SA 3.0, Kurje Lhakhang, Jakar

Attractions and Places to See

Jambay Lhakhang:
This amazing monastery is an ancient built. It dated back to the 7th century and was built by Songtsen Gampo, the Tibetan King. This was from the 108 monasteries constructed by him meant to eradicate the evil spirits said to reside in the Himalaya region. If you love looking at the architecture, then certainly you will mesmerize to find its present architecture which dates back to the early 20th century. Being from the oldest temples, visiting here can provide you with a glimpse of the ancient culture.

Kurje Lhakhang:
This is located just before the Jambay Lhakhang has three temples in it. The extreme right was constructed in the year 1652 was said to be the place where Guru used to meditate back in the 8th century. The second temple you find was constructed on the cave site has the body of Guru imprinted and hence is considered as a holy place. Third temple was constructed in the year 1990s by Queen Mother The Ashi Kesang. All the three temples are being guarded with 108 chorten wall.

Tamshing Lhakhang:
This is another monastery situated across Kuje Lakhang. This is an amazing Tamshing Monastery constructed in 1501 and 1505 by the Bhutanese Nyingmapa Lama Pemalingpa. This monastery has some unbelievable painting of the Himalayan period. The monastery was being restored in the 20th century to continue its history. The Shrine is devoted to the Guru Rinpoche along with the eight manifestations. If you decide to visit this place, never fail to check the steel mesh coast by Pemalingpa. The locals believe that people who carry it and give three rounds around the Shrine, all their sins are washed away. If you love watching the ancient belongings, the ancient paintings here which include 21 Taras (Female structure of the Busshistava) and 1000 Buddhas are worth paying attention.

Jakar Dzong:
This is the fortress founded back in 1549 by great grand-father of first Shabdrun, Drukpa lam Ngagi Wangchuck. The fascinating fortress sits on the zenith of the hill from where you can get a wide view of the Bumthang Valley. This fortress was upgraded in 1646 post Shandrung established his significance. Presently, The Dzong is now utilized as Bumthang Valley’s administrative centre along with regional monk body.

Konchogsum Lhakhang:
The building dates back to the 6th century which was again renovated in the tyear1995 to maintain its fresh and amazing appeal. It has a gigantic bell which is said that when this bell used to ring in ancient times, its sound could be heard throughout Lhasa in Tibet. However, in 17thcentury, some of the Tibetan armies attempted to steal it. They fail because of its heavy weight and somehow dropped it, which resulted in cracking the bell. This, therefore, has become a major display in Paro’s National Museum.

Chankhar Lhakhang:
Once you cross the Jambay Lhakhang, you will find the Chankhar Lhakhang. This is the location where the palace of Indian King Sindhu Raja was once built. As it looks extremely very simple and grounded, it seemed like a very ordinary village house. The real palace was being constructed with iron and there from it received its name Chankar which means iron castle. In the 14th century, Saint named Dorji Lingpa reconstructed it in the 14th century.

Lhodrak Kharchhu Monastery:
From the Chamkhar main town, it is situated at a distance of only 3km. This amazing monastery was established in 1984 by Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche. This monastery has become the place for monks. This monastery has made a huge effort to revitalize and preserve the Tibetan culture. If you are interested in finding the lifestyle of monks, then this is a place for you. You will find the monks here do their daily works which are daily prayers, reading, drawing mandalas, and memorizing dharma dances, learning the sacred rituals melody and much more. Their lifestyle is way different than ours and which is why it becomes an attraction for the tourists.

Mostly Bumthang in Bhutan constitutes of monasteries. No doubt that the natural splendour of the place adds to its beauty but also the many sacred sites present here ensures its serenity. So add spirituality in your honeymoon romance and make it a memorable experience. Always know that spiritual places are serene and spending time here would only lead to know both of you each other.