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Trashigang District

When it comes to finding a great honeymoon destination, you might have listed a lot of other names, but how about spending some quality time in Bhutan? This is a nation that has several places to visit with serenity induces in each and every corner of it. From the list of many, Trashigang is one of the amazing towns in Bhutan that is referred to as the “Jewel of the East.” Trashigang Dzongkhag district is the biggest district and Trashigang is its capital. Its name is derived from “Tshangla” that means to “easterner” which is also the local language of this place. Even when the place has not become urban yet, Trashigang still takes a huge stake in Bhutan’s population.

As this tiny village falls on the route that runs from Bhutan to Indian, it is the adjoining route from Assam and Tibet. The surrounding region is known for its great cultural importance and rich heritage. It is again a place for the semi-nomadic people. This part of Bhutan is on the different altitude that ranges from 500 km and extends to 3000 km on River Gamri Chhu River. This amazing town was made by the Chogyal Minjur Tempa known as the paradise on Earth.

Attractions and Places to See

Undoubtedly the place has so much to offer, and therefore you need to know some of the must-visit locations in Trashigang.

Trashigang Dzong Fortress:
This is again one of the most amazing places in Trashigang. Being located on steep cliffs, this is one of those forts that offers a fantastic view of the surrounding locations. You can view the Drangme Chu and Gamri Chhu. This amazing unique structure is the ancient of all in the entire town as it was built in the 17th century. In times of Tibetan invaders, this was the only defense, and now, it is a local administrative place.

The prime attraction of the Trashigang Dzong can be found in the annual festival which generally happens in December. This is a huge and most important festival of Bhutan that attracts a large number of people. In case you are visiting Trashigang in this period, never miss out on experiencing the enchanting festival.

Chorten Kora:
This is another known part of the city is Chorten kora. This is a known stupa that is located just on the right of Kulong River in the Trashiyangtse. As per the locals, Shabdrung Ngawang’s descendant, who was again a prominent figure in Bhutan, constructed this amazing stupa in 18th century.

Constructing the extraordinary stupa took dozens of years. As per the ancient culture and belief, this stupa was a sacred place. The locals even believe that this unique structure used to guard them against the bad demonic forces. This is a historical marvel that you should definitely visit.

Merak Valley:
This is again a very tranquil land that is often known as “land of the broken people.” This beautiful serene land is situated at 3000m above sea level. Most of the locals you find here are the nomadic people. With a very simple lifestyle, people living here remain unaltered for many years.

The entire place is surrounded by extraordinary plains, which makes this valley great for great vegetation. Visiting this land with your partner can help to experience peace and serenity. Moreover, the simple life of the locals will certainly surprise you. So make sure you spend some time on your visit to Bhutan in this serene land.

Samdrup Jangkhar Highway:
This is not a place where you can stay, but it is a place where you can go for a long car drive. This is again a great place for trekking from the Trashigang to the Samdrup Jongkhar. It takes almost 5 to 6 hours to reach to the other side of the highway. This lies on the outskirts and is one of those journeys that can offer lifetime experiences. You can acquire an unparalleled view of flora and fauna in this location. The mind-blowing experience you can have here will definitely mesmerize you and offer memories that can be cherished forever.

Once you enter the Trashiyangtse area, the best thing you can view here is some of the colourful flags that fly with the air on the hilltop. You will find white coloured flags that were given by the locals to offer respect to the ancestors. These flags symbolize prosperity and luck. Being a very adventurous road and windy all the time, it is one of the major route opted by the adventure seekers.

Gom Kora:
This is another magnificent ancient temple that holds a strong cultural heritage. Locals believe that Guru Rinpoche used to mediate here to fight against the demons. He was the Buddhist master in the 8th century. The amazing temple is built in a way that it is being surrounded by rice field and banana hordes. Being placed on a tiny alluvial plain which is located adjacent to hills and river, the temple is spectacular and unique in its own way.

With the many places to visit in this tiny land of Trashigang in Bhutan, it attracts numerous tourists every year. The beauty of the places here in Bhutan makes it one of the best tourist destinations. So if you are planning to visit a place with your dear ones, consider visiting this location and enjoy the serenity together.