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Thimphu: The Capital City of Bhutan

Planning for spending the vacation in the hills? The Himalayan kingdom becomes the perfect choice for spending your vacation. Nestled in the beauty of nature, the place seems magical and mystical. Its distinct culture and accumulation of historic elements make this place worth visiting. Thimphu is the capital city which makes it the dream of travelers. Upon visiting this place, you can witness the amazing Bhutanese lifestyle.

Thimphu, being situated towards the western part of the nation, it occupies the entire valley. The city is known for the whole long list of museums, monasteries, Buddhist sites, and several other fascinating destinations to take a look.

So if you are planning the visit to Thimphu, make sure you check this article to understand the best places that you cannot miss while visiting Thimphu.

Trashi Chho Dzong

This is also popular as Tashiccho Dzong or Thimphu Dzong. This is one of the most fascinating locations to go to Thimphu. It is a grand fort which serves as the venue for the ultimate annual festival of the nation “tsechu.” This is not the original one as the palace was destroyed with fire.

The renovation was made in 1962 by King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. It also has several rooms or office for the officials, ministers, and king. The best part is the throne which can be observed here. It is also a place for the people who want to have a look at the Bhutanese past as its signature tired roof being colored with a combination of white-red-gold.

Changangkha Lhakhang

This is known Buddhist temple which was primarily constructed back in the 12th century. Lama Phajo Drukgom Shigpo was the one to build the temple. This place is renowned among the parents who give prayers to receive a blessing for their newborns. The pure white fortress structure makes it count among the known tourist destination in the Thimphu vacation.

On visiting this beautiful architecture, you will be finding the amazing interior which is constructed with murals that depict stories. Also, if you believe in astrology, it is done here. The serenity of the quietness of place along with black-old prayer wheels adds a mystic aura to the place.

Tango Goemba

This was originally constructed in the 15th century by the famous lama Drukpa Kunley. Tango was another known Buddhist site available in the city. This place was renovated in the year 2016, this place has become the heart of Buddhist studies. You can also opt for trekking uphill which would take 45 minutes to reach the destination.

Once you reach the destination, you can get a look at the meditation cave, living quarters, and the chapels at Tango. It is an interesting place that you should keep in the wishlist. Moreover, the crystal can be seen which was brought in the Tibet which was used for meditation.

National Memorial Chorten

This is an interesting place to visit in Thimphu. It generally takes away the interest of the tourists. This is a place that works as a place for worship among the natives. The entire construction was done in Tibetan style and serves as the memorial to third Bhutanese King. The entire place is popular for the golden tiered roofs and whitewashed walls.

This is a renowned place to visit. Most of the time, this Memorial Chorten is mostly visited by the kids, elderlies, and several other people who are on their way visits the place often. You can also find stunning murals and mandalas here.

Motithand Takin Preserve

Among the many other places in Bhutan, Takin is the best and rarest things to observe. This is the national animal of the place and which is preserved in the zoo years back. The fourth King was against the formation of zee as he felt that it does not sync with Bhutanese culture and also their religion and environment.

Once the zoo was dismantled, all the animals held were freed back to wild. Surprisingly, flock of Takin that previously lived in the zoo was tamed which resulted in coming back to Thimphu for food. Back then, it was decided to preserve them back. It is recommended to visit the place in the morning when the animals make gathering across fences.

National Library

National Library is certainly a place to visit. Thimphu has a National Library that attracts most of the visitors. It was built back in 1967 the only purpose to preserve the ancient texts. The house is filled with interesting things and enlightening words that makes it worth visiting. The architecture of the place is typical of the Bhutanese tradition. Most of the books available here have the papers that are handmade which were wrapped in silk or reserved within wooden pieces.

Thimphu is one of the most visited destinations in Bhutan that have preserved some of the most ancient things within it. You should definitely keep this place in your wishlist and never miss visiting the spectacular ancient architecture. Moreover, the amazing ambiance of the place adds to the beauty of the place.

So get your tickets booked to Thimphu from Bhutan and as getting the chance to witness some of the historic locations.