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Haa Valley

To listen to the secrets of mountains, you need to spend time in a place where nature at its beat. When you are surrounded by mountains, you will stay mesmerized with the surreal views that the place offers. If you are looking for one such destination to spend your honeymoon, then nothing like Haa Valley in Bhutan can become the right choice for you. This Himalayan landfills the trip with romance, and its picturesque views are beyond something to explain.

This amazing valley is a small valley nestled where it connects with Chhukha, Samtse Districts, and Paro of Bhutan. This is situated at a distance of 13 miles from the India-China border. The location holds a proper position which stretches more than 1700 sq km. This place was made publically available in the year 2002, yet this valley does not have many conveyances. One can seamlessly reach this place from Paro within a very less time. Truly the place seems magical with serenity filled in every corner.

Best time to reach this destination: Well, even when the place looks best most of the time of the year, but the best time is from October to November. Autumn is the best time when you can find these snow-covered surreal surroundings. With moderate weather, it becomes an ideal climate for hiking.

Attractions and Places to See

Hiking to the Goembas:
This is a place for the hikers. You will find several Goembas or the Buddhist Temples across the valley, which is ideal for a day hike. In the very first day, you can go for the Katsho Goemba, which is easy to moderate hiking and opt for hiking to Jana Dingkha, which is difficult and cannot be possible for the beginners.

The best part about hiking on Haa Valley is that you can feel the serenity and witness the beauty of this place while exploring. Hiking is definitely a challenge, but once you complete and able to reach the destination, it is truly fulfilling.

Walking along the banks of Haa Chu River:
This surreal Haa Chu River elegantly flows through the heart of this valley. You can opt for walking on the banks of the riverside or just sit along while listening to the amazing sound of water. When the water flows and strikes through the stones, the sound is mesmerizing to the ears. You can just sit and watch the cloud hugging the mountains. During the sunrise and sunset, views tend to become even more interesting and surreal. Walking down a little bit from the taxi stand will make you go wow. You will be finding tones of small hanging bridges. Just take time and stand there while listening to the sound of water and feeling the numbing cold of the flowing water.

Explore the Rural Culture of Bhutan:
Walking just a few miles further from this town, you can find yourself among the villages. You have to cross the paddy fields and can feel the rural life of this place. The most interesting part of this place is watching the amazing wooden houses that still never fail to maintain the Bhutanese architecture and the big Phallus painted among the walls.

Soak yourself among the beauty and peace of the place. Due to the welcoming nature of the Bhutanese people, visitors mostly feel great. You will be feeling like a celebrity with many to gaze at you, especially the children.

Visit Haa Dratshang and Haa Dzong:
Prior to soaking yourself among natural beauty, Haa Dratshang and Haa’s Wangchulo Dzong is a place where you can stop to visit. You will always find Haa town being occupied with the Military Training Institutes. You will find the place filled with many visitors.

Chele La Pass Ride:
When you are going on a trip, you would definitely want to spend alone time, but how about spending some time on some adventure? If you want to add adventure in your honeymoon, riding on the Chele La Pass can be the ideal addition. It is located a midway from the Haa valley and Paro which is definitely worth visiting. You will also find a change in the weather as you go to from Haa to the Chele La. The winds get stronger, and you will find the cloud giving rains.

Don’t forget to take a ride on the Chele La Pass and witness the transformation in the weather.

A visit to Bhutan is definitely a great inclusion as your honeymoon destination. From the many picturesque destinations, Haa Valley is definitely a place with serenity and tranquillity surrounding it. Being a place where mountains surround it and having multiple places for hiking, the place becomes ideal for your trip.

So if you are looking for an outstanding destination and wants to add romance in your honeymoon, then Haa Valley in Bhutan is the best destination.